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Monthly Archives: May 2007

This is my brand new blog site which I’ll be updating as frequently as I have time. It is being copied to other sites such as,, and myspace. In case you aren’t reading this here, my main blog site is

I call it JK Says because it used to be a very short lived podcast that formerly was called Long story, but it was fun and turned disaster quickly after my lack of committment to the project.

This blog will be based on similar topics consisting mainly of sports and video games and such.

I don’t want to give my life story but I live in Cincinnati, OH with my wife Angel, and my cat (Angel’s cat) Gateway. We moved here recently from Fort Wayne, IN.

I’m big into sports and video games. My top sports include hockey, baseball, football, COLLEGE basketball, and many other fringe sports as well.

As far as video games are concerned I’m a proud owner of an Xbox 360 that is currently broken (3 red lights) and I’m a not so proud owner of a wii.

I love to play poker as well but I wish networks like ESPN would find REAL sports to replace it on a SPORTS network. Perhaps the NHL? Different story for a different day.

I’ll get started on a number of topics over the next few days.