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For those that don’t know (or even care), I lost an important member of my family last week. My Xbox 360 gave me the evil eyes which consist of three red lights on the console face. As of now, my console is in Texas being worked on and hopefully should be back in my hands early next week.

Since I work so early and have a good portion of the day to myself, I find myself playing various XBLA games, NHL 07 (in season 4 of my franchise), as well as whatever else is out there to play.

Unfortunately my wii doesn’t have many good games to play. However I’ve found some saving grace in the virtual console portion of the system. I’ve found myself playing Zelda II, Streets of Rage 1 and 2, and other fantastic classic games from the early to mid 90’s. My wife and I play Mario Party 8 for a bit at nights as well.

It’s fun, but man I’m missing my Tiger Woods, pinball, and Catan. Thankfully when I have the system back there will be a new set of games getting ready to come out in the forms of NASCAR 08, NCAA Football 08, and the hopefully much better than last year Madden 08.

If anyone wants to try and get good at Catan and play some games online, let me know. It’s a complicated game to master, but is fun as hell.


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