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Well as many of you probably know, I am a huge fan of The Price Is Right. I’ve watched essentially my entire life. I know every pricing game inside and out, know the prices of a good portion of the products and prizes, and I record it every day (if you don’t believe me, just ask me a question about it).

One thing I’ve never known in my life is television without the host of The Price Is Right, Bob Barker. I remember Johnny Olson. I remember Bob’s black hair. I remember the transition of beauties from the original 3. I remember Rod Roddy being made fun of because of his weight, and I remember his sad passing from cancer. But most of all, I’ll remember what the show was, as it WAS Bob Barker.

Others have tried to host the show, namely Tom Kennedy and Doug Davidson, but didn’t produce the impact that Bob did. They couldn’t delay the pressing of a reveal price button the way Bob did. They couldn’t deceive the contestant in Punch-a-bunch who just picked the $10,000 slip the way Bob did. And they didn’t have that charm that made every single contestant feel good inside, win or lose, like Bob did.

It’s almost surreal now that his reign is over. I’ll miss his buildup to Rich announcing Plinko, the way contestants STILL don’t know how to play Check Game, the frustation’s of Clock Game, the big prizes of Golden Road, the double showcase winners, and Bob getting annoyed with the slow play of Ten Chances.

I consider myself a “Loyal Friend and True” of the show, something that Bob designates to all the smart contestants who know the show.

This post may sound silly and ridiculous to most of you, but at 11:00 am every weekday before I began going to school, every sick from school day, most summer days, and even in college to watching it on my dvr, I was proud to be able to watch a living legend in the television industry.

Thank you Bob Barker for your 50 years of service to TV and 35 years to the greatest game show in the history of TV, The Price Is Right.

As for the future of the show, It will go on, but probably not for too long. I’d be surprised if it lasted more than 3 or 4 more years. I think if the show has ANY chance of survival, Todd Newton (host of Whammy) will have to be the permanent host. Newton knows of TPIR because he hosts the TPIR Stage Show in Atlantic City and Las Vegas.

Either way, I’ll continue to watch as TPIR closes in on 7,000 episodes in a couple years.


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