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Well this is officially my favorite season in the world of gaming. It is now early summer when the plethora of new sports games come out. Although it isn’t just the sports games I’m looking forward to, it does consist of a good portion of them.

I’ll start on Xbox 360.

As of this writing, I’ve purchased “The Bigs”. An MLB game by 2k (what a surprise) that compares more to Slugfest than anything. However this game involves a lot more stategy in the use of turbo meter than Slugfest and it isn’t quite as over the top. What it lacks in franchise play in makes up for with online play. Although I’m clearly not very good online (0-3) yet, I think there is an issue with my timing, I’m improving. Overall a pretty fun game.

July 16 brings the first “pro” football game in years other than Madden as All-Pro Football 2k8 is released. This features former professional football players (i.e. Ronnie Lott, Joe Montana) going against one another. It has no NFLPA license of course so it can be as much over the top as it wishes. It’s still a simulation type game too which means it provides competition to Madden 08. In other words, both games will push each other.

Also that day EA will release what has been their best football offering over the past two years in NCAA Football 2008. As EA slowly improves their games for the now current-gen systems, anything short of magnificent will be disappointing here. Jared Zabransky is the cover boy and his arsenal of tricks are in the game as well. My only worry is how bad Notre Dame is going to be now.

Just one week later NASCAR 08 releases it’s first incarnation of the racing series on 360. The selling point here is online play with up to 12 players. Unfortunately articles of problems with online play have been circulating the internet. This may be a wait and see game rather than a buy immediately type game.

The ultimate sports game of our life time (as many would foolishly have you believe) comes out in early August as Madden 08 hits shelves. Despite the drivel that has been put out by EA in this series the last couple years, people still buy this game like it’s solid gold. However I do believe the focus is on gameplay this year (FINALLY!!!!!)! Madden has competition again and if they don’t put out a quality product and 2k puts a dent in sales, you know EA will be in trouble with their prized possession. I’m always skeptical of Madden, but this is going to be a great one.

Tiger Woods 08 finishes out August and unless this game gets 9’s and 10’s in reviews, I might not get right away. I’m just getting back into 07 at home and am loving every minute of it. We’ll see if Tiger blows us away again or not first.

On September 11, the one game I’ve said for years has been absolute crap, EA’s NHL series, is my most anticipated game of the year. NHL 07 blew me away with full player/puck control, that I’ve run through FIVE seasons playing every single game in franchise thus far. The difficulty of the game has led me to only a single cup win however. My Columbus Blue Jackets lineup looks nothing like it does in real life as Jagr, Mara, Chara, Zetterberg and myself are the new stars on the team. Although Nash is my best player still. But anyway, NHL 08 has a new skating system which is one of my few complaints about this game. If 2k does little to improve again this year, EA might actually win the gameplay title for the first time ever.

And of course on September 25 Halo 3 comes out and everything else will be put on hold until about Christmas or so.

I’ll have other systems and wants next time.

What are you looking forward to and why???


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  1. when they say it’s ove. Ulf Raharjo.

  2. oh i can’t believe what i’m seeing with my eye. Horsa Amadeo.

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