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Monthly Archives: July 2007

Not much to say after a couple weeks of having this game but…WOW!

It’s a real shame that online ready Super Mario Strikers Charged comes out on Tuesday, because it might take away playing time of NCAA. Thankfully not much.

I’m underway with my typical 3 team dynasty consisting of Ball State (1 star school), Indiana (3 stars) and Notre Dame (6 stars).

So you know, I’m using sim sliders supplied by “Playmakers” from forums. If you want a great set of sim sliders, go with those. I’ve gotten truly realistic games and stats. He also figured out that the INT and awareness sliders are probably switched or wrong. Interceptions are WAY down to realistic levels now. Pics still happen, and yes they ARE still your fault.

Anyway 6 games into my dynasty, here’s how my teams stand thus far:

Ball State University:

Currently at 2-4 (1-3 conference). I’m pretty disappointed with this team because not only did I upset #14 Nebraska AT NU, but the only other win was against a 1-AA school. Ball State has a long way to go before competing for a MAC title, but that upset was still monumental.

Indiana University:

3-3 on the year (2-2) and in position for a bowl game. I have an equal number of teams to play that are over/under .500. WR James Hardy has 6 TD and over 800 yards receiving already. I hope to make him a Heisman candidate his senior year. A tough loss to Akron really hurt the chances of this team having a certain winning record, but still lots of games to go.

University of Notre Dame:

Everyone knows the Domers are going to be mediocre at best this year. So does my team. Currently at 3-3, ND has played 4 games that came down to the final possession. The finest win was at #9 Michigan but on the flip side, lost to Georgia Tech at home by 20. Notre Dame has some big recruits on the horizon however. We’ve already locked up the top defensive player in the nation for next year.

Anywho, I love this game and am certainly digging the saved highlights. I’ll upload some on here in the near future.



Well the answer is finally here and it was from a candidate who two weeks ago, was not a consideration.

Comedian Drew Carey will replace Bob Barker as host of television’s longest running game show, The Price is Right.

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Drew Carey

We’ll see how it goes, but let’s remember, it could be worse (Rosie). I still think Todd Newton is the most qualified for the job. Heck if Marc Summers wanted it bad enough, I guarantee he could have it. Hopefully it works out for the betterment of TPIR, because without Barker, ratings are going to suffer significantly.

So, JK invited me to this great blog of his to write about whatever on earth I wanted to write about. To keep on task, I think I’ll give my perspective on what’s going on in our lives – from sports to games and music and just plain life. I am Mrs. JK and it’s about time you heard my side of the story.

Today, while taking a little break from work and relaxing on the couch, there was a knock at the door. Who could it be? Oh yes, there he was in his blue pants and blue hat. Hello FedEx man, what do you have for us today? Jason answered the door of course, but in that great package was our Colts season tickets. Woo hoo! Man, I love this time of year. Get up early, grab the grill, pack up the Cobalt, eat hamburgers for breakfast, oh and then watch some football. I can’t wait for that first game when they raise the Super Bowl banner.

I love those emotional times at sporting events. I’m a big sucker for the handshakes after hockey series, the Olympic medal ceremonies and the big piles after a walk off home run. It’s like watching Grey’s Anatomy and seeing Izzie walk away from George. It’s like waiting for an announcement at the Emmys. It’s emotion. It’s what I love about sports.

Oh, so about Grey’s. I love certain tv shows and that’s one of them. Add on 24, Law & Order, Prison Break, Pysch, Hell’s Kitchen and a few others and you basically have my entire Tivo menu. Recently, I am hooked on the singing shows. You know, it’s like karaoke night at the local bar. I can’t sing and I can’t get the lyrics right to almost any song, but it’s nice to know I’m not the only one who screws up Pumpkin Head. Or is that Up in Here? The Singing Bee is by far the best of these karaoke nightmares. It’s fast paced and quite entertaining.

Anyway, that’s just a little shout about what I care about. If you care, let’s talk.

JK Says is looking for a little help in posting news, blogs, info about YOUR life or whatever you wish.

If you are interested, leave me a comment and we’ll talk. This is a great way for my friends, family, or whoever to stay in touch on a more regular basis.

I’ve also posted this on myspace.


The demo is currently available on the Xbox Live Marketplace for free. It is over 600 MB to download.

Right away you’ll notice how much better this game looks than the poor graphical excuse that was NCAA 07. This baby runs at a smooth 60 FPS as well. The animations are really well executed too.

It took me awhile to get the controls down like it does every year, but it comes back to you eventually. Thankfully the game appears to be on Varsity difficulty so playing the CPU isn’t tough at all. Plus it helps that it’s Michigan v. USC so having a killer offense makes it more fun too.

You’ll notice there are no announcers or much of a presentation either. A lot of bare bones as you’d expect from a demo. However you do get a full game at 2 minute quarters which is pretty nice.

The actual gameplay is pretty similar to before but with the enhanced look. There were some slight freezes if you get through the play selection screen too quickly, but it’s minor.

The progression of daylight is awesome too. The demo starts at 6pm and when the game is over it’s completely dark outside. Nice touch.

Overall this is a fantastic preview to what should be a phenominal outing by EA Sports. The depth that this game has to offer over previous years alone is exciting. Hopefully the online play isn’t lacking with lag.

See you on Tuesday!

Talk about upsetting. Xbox 360 did little to impress at the E3 press conference. Apparently the big deal was that Scene It? was going to be on Xbox 360. Really? That’s what the biggest deal this year is?

I was expecting some sort of portable device (the X Boy if you will) or some kind of new innovation for the 360 (like systems that work). But instead we get to see GTA IV that we’ve already seen.

There was the Resident Evil 5 teaser which is cool, and also the announcement of Marathon coming to XBLA. Plus a new look at Halo 3, but nothing truly unexpected or impressive.

Where was their “Halo 2 release date” moment? What happened to the “EA Sports on Xbox Live” moment?

Thankfully 360’s fall lineup speaks for itself.

As far as Scene It? goes…the game will come with 4 buzzers that can be used for playing the game instead of controllers. Hopefully these can be utilized for other things in the future as well, like for something people give a crap about.

Nintendo continues to impress. They may not be the dominate console over the last few years, but they seem to ALWAYS be best in show at E3. Go ahead and put up another gold medal for the Big N. Despite a less than stellar press conference this year compared to other years, the videos that are available are amazing.

Super Mario Galaxy Video

Mario Kart Wii Video

Check out the new Wii Zapper

The Zapper will be used for first person shooters for the most part I imagine.

Wii Fit

Also the announcement that Smash Bros Brawl will be out THIS year! Excellent!

More to come.0

The best week for the future of video games every single year is upon us. Though it has been moved to July as opposed to the springtime event it used to be, and though it has been toned down from what it used to be, it’s still the big event to show off what will happen over the next year for each system.

I’ll post what is important to me on here this week and show off the biggest surprises (and yes there are always some).

Who can forget the best moments in E3 such as the last second Halo 3 teaser, the Zelda TP shocker with the wolf,

Check out the Bourne 3 Trailer

I cannot wait for the finale of this trilogy to come out next month. Anyone else a big fan of the Jason Bourne series?

Courtesy of IGN.

Most of this is basic knowledge with in-depth discussion of it. However, the new create-a-play feature sounds excellent. Of course it could be a gimmick if not done correctly. For instance, if you execute the play properly, you better not score every single time.

We’ll see how they improve my all time favorite hockey game for NHL 08.

Awesome screen shots of NHL 08.

The jersey has the new tighter fit look. Also noted that Columbus and Washington have their new logos already. Certainly good news on the look of 08. Hopefully a demo will be out a few weeks prior like last year’s game.

Official Press Release from Microsoft

Well there you go. For the slew of unreadable disc errors that seem to be coming up lately. No such luck yet. Hopefully that will change soon.

Don’t let the title fool you. I’m specifically talking Xbox 360 here, not PC’s.

According to a few sources including Major Nelson’s blog and this ZDNet Blog, Microsoft is going to make good on the hardware problems of Xbox 360 customers.

Nothing is certain yet, but it appears they will not only extend warranties to 3 years (They’ve already given a free year to everyone with first run systems), but will repay those who had to have theirs repaired in the past.

This supposedly covers all “three red lights of death” problems.

Unfortunately it sounds like disc problems may not fall under this scenario. This leads to another problem because internet reports and now two people I know are have rampant disc read issues. After 6 weeks of nearly everyone getting red lights, it appears everyone else is not getting disc errors. Microsoft can’t make anything without problems and/or viruses!

It also sounds like it could cost MS one BILLION dollars. Ouch.

Interesting story to follow over the next week.

I want to hear from everyone about your broken 360 experience.

Well I went to the Reds game and was disgusted as to how much cheering took place for Barry Bonds.

In his first at bat he saw a pitch or two and proceeded to belt the next pitch 10 rows up in right-center field. It’s amazing how much ease he has in his swing.

Bonds hitting #751Bonds hitting #751

Another thing I noticed is that they are using marked baseballs for Bonds already. What exactly does 751, 752, 753 and 754 mean anyway???

Just remember, all 42 year olds can do that without any help from illegal enhancements.

Well it looks like I’ll be hitting at least one game of Barry Bonds and the Giants coming to Great American Ball Park to face the lowly Reds. This season for the Reds has been downright brutal, but this will at least bring people out. With a combined 1,335 HR between them, Bonds and Ken Griffey Jr should at least be entertaining to see head to head.

I’m sure I won’t be the only one booing the juicer when he comes up to the plate. In fact, I’m sure there will be a few idiot Giants fans who will be there cheering him. Why San Francisco fans are oblivious to his obvious use of the clear, I don’t know. Bonds seems to be the only thing keeping the Giants worth watching which makes it so much worse.

I did notice there was an eclipse this afternoon, but later learned it was just Bonds’ head interfering with the sun. Here’s hoping Aaron Harang throws at Bonds tonight.

I’ll let you know how the game(s) went.

Go Cubs. 🙂