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Don’t let the title fool you. I’m specifically talking Xbox 360 here, not PC’s.

According to a few sources including Major Nelson’s blog and this ZDNet Blog, Microsoft is going to make good on the hardware problems of Xbox 360 customers.

Nothing is certain yet, but it appears they will not only extend warranties to 3 years (They’ve already given a free year to everyone with first run systems), but will repay those who had to have theirs repaired in the past.

This supposedly covers all “three red lights of death” problems.

Unfortunately it sounds like disc problems may not fall under this scenario. This leads to another problem because internet reports and now two people I know are have rampant disc read issues. After 6 weeks of nearly everyone getting red lights, it appears everyone else is not getting disc errors. Microsoft can’t make anything without problems and/or viruses!

It also sounds like it could cost MS one BILLION dollars. Ouch.

Interesting story to follow over the next week.

I want to hear from everyone about your broken 360 experience.


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  1. I just set up my system a month ago and just recently bought NCAA football 08 and I’ve had 3 disc errors already. I’m not even all the way through one season yet on my dynasty.

    Before it happened this last time the system would freeze for a good 15 seconds fairly frequently before it finally gave me the error message.

    This is a load of crap and I really get tired of ALL these companies putting out their electronics when they know there are significant shortcomings. Does anyone know if this is really being looked at my Microsoft?

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