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Talk about upsetting. Xbox 360 did little to impress at the E3 press conference. Apparently the big deal was that Scene It? was going to be on Xbox 360. Really? That’s what the biggest deal this year is?

I was expecting some sort of portable device (the X Boy if you will) or some kind of new innovation for the 360 (like systems that work). But instead we get to see GTA IV that we’ve already seen.

There was the Resident Evil 5 teaser which is cool, and also the announcement of Marathon coming to XBLA. Plus a new look at Halo 3, but nothing truly unexpected or impressive.

Where was their “Halo 2 release date” moment? What happened to the “EA Sports on Xbox Live” moment?

Thankfully 360’s fall lineup speaks for itself.

As far as Scene It? goes…the game will come with 4 buzzers that can be used for playing the game instead of controllers. Hopefully these can be utilized for other things in the future as well, like for something people give a crap about.



  1. With the fact that E3 itself hasn’t been overbearingly impressive over the past couple of years, I’m not surprised that Microsoft’s showing wasn’t outstanding. In my opinion, Sony and Nintendo looked shaky too. My logic is that Microsoft didn’t want to cram Halo 3 down our throats….We know it’s coming. We know it’s going to be what it’s always been. The pinnacle of a gaming year. We have two new trailers for this game coming out in just 2 months. We don’t need it in our faces. It’s going to be in our faces in September, and for several months to a few years after that.

    The GTA IV pomp is simply to remind the loyal subjects that no longer is Sony the name wiped all over every copy of GTA before we see it.

    Let’s be honest with ourselves here…Microsoft doesn’t need to show off. They’re proving their point. Sony has already dropped the price of its amazing system (that still doesn’t impress me), and they don’t have Assassins Creed or GTA (among others) to hold over Microsoft like they no doubt hoped they would. E3 is now like the weigh-in before a huge fight. All it tells you is a small portion of what’s coming. You gotta tune in for the real thing to see what’s going to happen.

  2. well saying that microsoft doesnt need to have something amazing or unexpected because they dont need to doesnt change the fact that it was still dull, if microsoft didnt go all out cause they didnt need to, then what do we get out of that… a very dull a boring E3 but still nintendo wasnt that bad in my opinion

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