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Nintendo continues to impress. They may not be the dominate console over the last few years, but they seem to ALWAYS be best in show at E3. Go ahead and put up another gold medal for the Big N. Despite a less than stellar press conference this year compared to other years, the videos that are available are amazing.

Super Mario Galaxy Video

Mario Kart Wii Video

Check out the new Wii Zapper

The Zapper will be used for first person shooters for the most part I imagine.

Wii Fit

Also the announcement that Smash Bros Brawl will be out THIS year! Excellent!

More to come.0


  1. Though hard to match your well thought out wit and cleverness, I’m confused as to why you just kind of repeated what I wrote but in different words. Did you really think anyone else was better? Plus it’s hard not to agree there have been better years for Nintendo.

    It was indeed below Nintendo’s usual standard, but everyone else unfortunately was crap.

  2. If you were being sarcastic, that hurt. Honest. I paraphrased what you wrote because that’s what i did with all of the posts i linked to. Yours happened to be one of the shortest, so what else could i say?

    Yea, i think Sony did better, at least marginally. Sony had a buncha rectifying announcements about exclusives and how they’re making the PS3 enticing with software, whereas Nintendo was a bit too apologetic and didn’t really change anyone’s mind on the matter of them leaving core gamers behind. And blow for blow, Sony struck harder. Microsoft completely ducked up, however.

    I still think WiiFit will end up game of the show, though. And all 3 keynotes fell on deaf ears, for the most part.

  3. Gotcha man. I looked at your site after I replied on here.

    Thanks for the clarification.

  4. Nintendo wii has produced a fun way to do exercise at home. I have already had DDR which really help me to burn fat – and I couldn’t wait for Wii Fit to come out in the States! ^_^

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