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The demo is currently available on the Xbox Live Marketplace for free. It is over 600 MB to download.

Right away you’ll notice how much better this game looks than the poor graphical excuse that was NCAA 07. This baby runs at a smooth 60 FPS as well. The animations are really well executed too.

It took me awhile to get the controls down like it does every year, but it comes back to you eventually. Thankfully the game appears to be on Varsity difficulty so playing the CPU isn’t tough at all. Plus it helps that it’s Michigan v. USC so having a killer offense makes it more fun too.

You’ll notice there are no announcers or much of a presentation either. A lot of bare bones as you’d expect from a demo. However you do get a full game at 2 minute quarters which is pretty nice.

The actual gameplay is pretty similar to before but with the enhanced look. There were some slight freezes if you get through the play selection screen too quickly, but it’s minor.

The progression of daylight is awesome too. The demo starts at 6pm and when the game is over it’s completely dark outside. Nice touch.

Overall this is a fantastic preview to what should be a phenominal outing by EA Sports. The depth that this game has to offer over previous years alone is exciting. Hopefully the online play isn’t lacking with lag.

See you on Tuesday!


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