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Not much to say after a couple weeks of having this game but…WOW!

It’s a real shame that online ready Super Mario Strikers Charged comes out on Tuesday, because it might take away playing time of NCAA. Thankfully not much.

I’m underway with my typical 3 team dynasty consisting of Ball State (1 star school), Indiana (3 stars) and Notre Dame (6 stars).

So you know, I’m using sim sliders supplied by “Playmakers” from forums. If you want a great set of sim sliders, go with those. I’ve gotten truly realistic games and stats. He also figured out that the INT and awareness sliders are probably switched or wrong. Interceptions are WAY down to realistic levels now. Pics still happen, and yes they ARE still your fault.

Anyway 6 games into my dynasty, here’s how my teams stand thus far:

Ball State University:

Currently at 2-4 (1-3 conference). I’m pretty disappointed with this team because not only did I upset #14 Nebraska AT NU, but the only other win was against a 1-AA school. Ball State has a long way to go before competing for a MAC title, but that upset was still monumental.

Indiana University:

3-3 on the year (2-2) and in position for a bowl game. I have an equal number of teams to play that are over/under .500. WR James Hardy has 6 TD and over 800 yards receiving already. I hope to make him a Heisman candidate his senior year. A tough loss to Akron really hurt the chances of this team having a certain winning record, but still lots of games to go.

University of Notre Dame:

Everyone knows the Domers are going to be mediocre at best this year. So does my team. Currently at 3-3, ND has played 4 games that came down to the final possession. The finest win was at #9 Michigan but on the flip side, lost to Georgia Tech at home by 20. Notre Dame has some big recruits on the horizon however. We’ve already locked up the top defensive player in the nation for next year.

Anywho, I love this game and am certainly digging the saved highlights. I’ll upload some on here in the near future.




  1. Is this what the mighty JK has been reduced to?

    You sure had a loud mouth back in the xboxstation days

  2. Reduced to? If you say so.

    You clearly think enough of me to post here.

    Go troll elsewhere if you have nothing better to do.

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