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As you can tell, I love this game. I’ve thus far played one full year of dynasty mode with 3 teams.

Now I had a struggle in season one but have landed some big recruits, especially with Notre Dame.

Here are my video highlights:

BSU @ #14 Nebraska

There’s a great look at the scoreboard, but yeah, Ball State beats Nebraska at THEIR place. Easily the highlight of the Cardinals season who finished 5-7.

BSU @ W. Michigan

This is a play by Western Michigan late in the game, but it’s still incredible what happened. 4th and goal from outside the 10 yd. line and less than 40 seconds remaining to tie it. I still managed to win prior to overtime however.

Notre Dame @ #17 Michigan

80 yard touchdown pass which helped in the defeat of Michigan on the road.

Notre Dame @ #17 Michigan

Game over, this tipped interception sealed the win for the Irish.

Let me know what you think of these videos. I’ll post more of them when I get them.


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