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Well if you know it or not, I have a huge Indianapolis Colts fan and this will be our 3rd year with season tickets.

The Super Bowl Champion Colts will kick off the NFL season at home against the New Orleans Saints on Thursday, September 6 at 8:30 pm. It will be the only game that night and will be a national game. Just another perk to being the champs.

If you are going to be in Downtown Indy that day/night, you’ll be able to bask in glory one last time with fellow Colts fans starting at 11:30 where the Colts in Motion traveling museum will be around with the Cheerleaders and Blue, Colts mascot.

At Monument Circle at 5:00pm, Faith Hill, Kelly Clarkson, and Hinder (you have heard of all of them), will perform.

Inside the RCA Dome prior to the game, John Mellencamp will perform as well.

Of course there will be the traditional banner raising ceremony for the Colts to celebrate the victory that was Super Bowl 41.

I’ll have a full report of every Colts game this season right here.



  1. I’m really glad that Peyton finally got a ring. The colts vs the saints should be a great game. Can’t wait.

  2. Good entry. If you;’d like to read jmore about the matchup and how the NFL out-did itself in matching these two feel good teams from last year, read it here>>>

    Thanks for the reads and comments.

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