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Apparently I am one of the few sports gamers who are not completely brainwashed by the “Madden Nation”.

Let me start out by saying that I think college football is better than the NFL by a slight margin. But I think NCAA 0x is a much better game than Madden 0x. It’s been true for years now.

I’m sure most people will tell you they prefer the NFL to college FB. Therefore, it seems logical that most people will buy Madden over NCAA 08. Look, I love football, but I’m going to pick the better game. I’ve given Madden a chance every year for the last 4. This year I will NOT be making the Madden purchase that everyone else is.

Perhaps if EA figured out that everyone who plays online, wants Online Leagues. Why is that so difficult to grasp? EA has made great strides in many aspects of their games, but they cannot figure out that online leagues are the way to go. Playing random people in most sports games only brings out the cheesy players with their unrealistic, win at all costs playstyle.

Either way, I’m halfway through season 2 of my three team dynasty in NCAA 08 and I am simply having a blast. I’ll be playing this game until NHL 08 comes out on September 11.

Meanwhile, what exactly is the appeal of Madden 08 or the new Madden in general every year? It’s been little more than a roster update for the last few years so what is the point of shelling out 60 bucks for it? Until there is a complete overhaul, I won’t be buying another Madden game for awhile.



  1. hey I’m from New Zealand and i don’t think they get NCAA over here but it sounds really cool however we do get madden and i love it so if u say NCAA is beta it must b an excellent game then

  2. Don’t get me wrong, I think what EA has done with Madden every year is phenominal. It’s probably the best sports franchise in history and is still a great game.

    I do believe that any game with the NCAA license such as football or basketball is maintained inside the United States. I’m pretty sure even Canada doesn’t get it.

  3. Yes, typically NCAA is a better game than Madden. But your statements obviously show you haven’t played Madden 08.

    I’m personally a hardcore NCAA fan. But Madden this year has made HUGE leaps and bounds putting it past NCAA with a smoother gameplay, no frame stutters (errr, that annoys me about NCAA 08), WAY better crowd graphics and animation, new weapons system, better on-field sound and sense of crowd atmosphere, better player models and a greater sense of detail all around.

    Madden has sucked for a LONG time. But this year, EA truly has made the best football video game to date, I can FINALLY stop playing NFL 2K5. Madden blind-sided me this year as I had written EA off two years ago.

  4. Hey great post man! I found this facebook application for all you madden fans i hop you guys will like it. Ive been using it for about 3 days now and its cool but it needs more fans. Anyone here have Xbox live? Im looking for some more people to demolish. Here is the link Madden 08 Fan Club

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