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Holy freaking crap. I have the 1.3 GB sized demo and I must say that words can’t begin to express how incredible this game is. There is no wonder this game is getting 10’s across the board on many video game website reviews.

The demo gives you a very small taste of the “never the same game twice” type game. You can venture off to see the amazing textures, you can look for health, ammo and other things, and you can beat the hell out of a dead cat with a wrench.

Among guns and a wrench, in the demo you are given electricity (called a plasmid) that you can fire at someone or at water. This will shock enemies and then you can kill them.

I couldn’t believe some of the things I heard and saw in this demo. It was kind of freaky the way it was delievered. I can see this game having multiple “Halo flood” moments that are scary as hell.

Another major part of this game is hacking cameras, auto turrets, and bots. You can hack these things with a “Pipe Dream”-like minigame to make the camera alerts go against your enemies instead of you.

Despite this demo being quite linear, I missed a few ways I wanted to go and they became closed off, so I may have missed quite a bit. You’ll want to search everything before moving on where possible.

At the end of the demo there is a somewhat lengthy trailer for the game that shows just how little the demo actually contained.

According to many reviews there are 3 difficulties and multiple endings for maximum replayability. No multiplayer, but so what.

I can honestly say I’ve never praised a game based on the demo this much. I WILL have this game Tuesday and I recommend everyone who likes FPS’s or likes scary stuff, or likes RPG’s to get this game because it’s a great mix of the 3.


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