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I don’t know when these came out, but I found out the NHL 2k8 achievements came out and they looked pretty much the same as last year.

The NHL 08 achievements are completely different than 07 and some may be impossible.

Here’s the compete list

Some notable toughies are as follows:

– 25 shots in one period on Superstar mode.

– Don’t take a penalty in a Superstar mode game.

– Score a goal with your goalie in Superstar mode.

– Play 25 ranked shootout mode games online.

– Beat someone in the top 50 online.

NHL 08 Cover

Since I play with sim settings, namely speed all the way down and settings where they resemble ACTUAL hockey, and I try to play as realistic as possible, getting 25 shots in a period on the hardest difficulty won’t be easy.

Score a goal with the goalie??? How the hell do you do that? Unless they tweaked how the goalie sends the puck, that won’t be possible unless the other team carries the puck into my net for me.

The online achievements are pretty straightforward, but who is going to play 25 games in just the shootout mode online? So i’m gonna play someone in a game that takes more time to load up than actually play?

However, beating someone in the top 50 might be easy early on, but once you idiots online start finding all the cheap tactics and glitches and start abusing them, it will be much more difficult. I’ll stick with playing a sim game and beating those morons who can’t play real hockey. Plus I’ll hopefully have teammates like Keller who know the game well and also tries to play real hockey. We were near unstoppable in NHL 2k3 so this shouldn’t be much different.

Of course none of the online play matters if EA didn’t make it so there isn’t that 1/4 second delay as in last year’s game.0



  1. You play with the speed all the way down? I can’t even imagine. I play with it all the way up and if I ever accidentally start a game without my settings pre-loaded and I try to play with the speed at the default setting it seems unbearable. Does that really make it more realistic..?

  2. Well since I try to play as sim as possible, having the speed down is the logical thing to do. Having players fly around the ice going from one end to the next in less than 4 seconds is pretty ridiculous. The default setting in 08 is decent, but it’s still sooooo fast.

    Does it make it more realistic to play with speed on 0 or 1? Of course it does. Go watch a real game and make speed and time comparisons.

  3. 25 shots is easy. change the time per period so you have longer to get more shots off! hope that helps.

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