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This has been building up for 6 months, which coincidentally is when we moved to Cincinnati. I would also like to preface this commentary by saying that I am speaking SPECIFICALLY to Time Warner Cincinnati and not other TW outlets.

When the wife and I moved to the Nati, I knew what was coming. It meant dropping Comcast and going to the dreaded Time Warner Cable which I had only heard negative things about. Comcast wasn’t anything great in Fort Wayne. It didn’t have a Fox HD channel because WFFT didn’t want to pay for something they’ll have to in 2009 anyway, a digital signal. It was expensive and it didn’t have many HD channels.

However, Comcast DOES have a channel called Versus (formerly OLN). Versus is the now well known main hub for the National Hockey League here in the United States. It has 57 regular season games and nearly ALL of the playoff games. Oh yeah, all of them are in HD as well. That’s my main gripe with Time Warner, but it certainly goes beyond that.

Time Warner simply doesn’t care about it’s customers. There are a limited amount of channels on it’s basic digital lineup compared to Comcast. It doesn’t care that you can’t get the NHL AT ALL without paying out the wazoo for it (NHL Center Ice). You can get 50 or so games on a channel called ND NET, but that channel along with ND NET Movies, MOJO, and Universal HD, costs $7!!!!!!!! WHA???? Yeah, that’s per month. Even worse, they recently took ESPN HD off that tier and replaced it with nothing.

Other channels that I used to watch that were free on a digital package were G4 and GSN. Nope, now it’s $2.95 more for those. It doesn’t seem like much, but this money adds up and I refuse to give these idiots more money.

Now for the first time since I moved here, remember that’s 6 months, they added two channels…ESPN U and ESPN 2 HD. Both are free with digital cable. But being the morons they are, they took ESPN Classic off the basic tier and put it on digital only. Therefore I can’t watch Classic in my bedroom now. I wonder how much the cable bill for a non digital subscriber goes down? Yep, you’re absolutely right, zero.

I thought it was cool they added ESPN 2 HD, but until this morning, I received a screen that said “To Subscribe to ESPN 2 HD, call this number”. I THOUGHT IT WAS FREE???? So I was on the phone with some girl who clearly doesn’t know what’s going on (how typical) for 34:07…yes I timed it. She said that I didn’t subscribe to the digital tier anymore. I told her I was aware of that but the website AND the phamplet that was sent in the mail to me to inform me of channel changes says otherwise. She didn’t believe me. I seriously had to take her to THEIR OWN COMPANIES WEBSITE, and try and explain that to her. I’m wondering how many other people have this problem?

Ok, so they added new channels, great, now why is it so hard to get channels that nearly EVERYONE else has? Like Versus? I did some research and nearly every other Time Warner outlet has it!!! Again…WHA????? How is that possible? Not only does Columbus, and Dayton have it, but Oxford Ohio has it. By the way, Oxford is less than an hour away and are considered the SAME TIME WARNER OUTLET, Southwest Ohio. Their claim? They don’t have an agreement and are in negotiations. Of course that was six months ago, and to this day they have the same claim. I continue to email them weekly and ask about it everytime I call them. I get the same form letter via email and never get an intelligent response. Am I the only one who thinks it makes no sense for other TW’s to have it and not us?

How about the Big Ten Network? Ha ha ha ha no.

How about FSN Ohio HD? The Reds games are in HD but you can’t watch them in HD here.

How about TBS HD for the baseball playoffs? Not likely.

Versus HD? Nevermind.

100 HD channels out there, and Time Warner doesn’t care.

Apparently you get what you pay for, and even though my cable bill is much cheaper than Comcast, I actually want Comcast back in the worst way.

Why don’t I get DirecTV you ask? I have a blanket of trees out back that completely block the SW sky, or else I guarantee we’d have it by now.

Congratulations Time Warner, you are the biggest idiot ever.



    • Andrew Torrez (Mr. Announcer Guy)
    • Posted September 3, 2007 at 2:19 am
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    well, at least there is always FiOStv…….o wait……..

  1. I feel your pain. I live in Kettering and have the same issues with TW. They could care less about thier customers. I’m trying to get the NHL center ice package and keep getting different dates as far as when they will have it. Today I was told I would be able to get it till the end of Oct. The season starts in a little over a week.

  2. i agree, twc is not cognizant of “customer service.” their promotions here in the dallas (texas) area tout really fast internet service. i cannot send an email from my computer at home to my office, 15 miles away, and have it arrive in less than 3 days. cries for halp go unheeded.

  3. It does not mater where you are. Time Warner Cable NYC is the same deal. Because they are so big and cash rich, customer service is meaningless to the company and every single person working for the company. They train the employees to make sure they understand that the customer is always wrong and it does not matter if they loose a customer.

  4. I live in Germantown and I am also about to feel your same pain. We just got our basement finished, got surround sound hooked up, getting HDTV flat screen. All I want to do is watch some hockey games in HD on Versus. Do they have Versus HD? Nope! I called TW and asked them about it yesterday. They are still in “negotiations”. Yeah right. I have been unable to find an email address to just hound them with emails about getting more HD channels. If anyone could help out with that I would appreciate it. My email address is included. Thanks!

  5. Ok, a hockey fan….here in Ohio? Near Cincy? I must be in some alternate reality. My hockey playoffs board here at work has gone pretty much unnoticed by everyone here.

    Anyway, I moved from Chicago to here. I had MULTIPLE problems with Comcast, but they had the best cable lineup. We switched to RSN because I was pissed off.

    Time Warner Cincinnati is a pain. As for Versus, the story I received was that it wasn’t Time Warner who decided the channel lineup, it was the city….yes…that’s the story…THE CITY!!! When I told them that it didn’t make any sense, they just apologized and basically said..”my hands are tied”.

    I’d add to my comment, but I don’t have two hours to spare and your website shouldn’t be bogged down with my huge comment. I’ll just say this, try to get them to send you something in writing…..any cable company……and then ask for their manager when they say no…and ask the manager. They won’t do it…WHY? Because they know that nothing that they tell you can be guaranteed to be true…NOTHING.

  6. Thanks for the post Lauchlin.

    This post was originally made in August of 2007 and sadly, seems to still be newsworthy.

    I went LAST year’s playoffs missing the majority of it because of Time Warner.

    We actually moved to Minnesota in February and switched to DirecTV. The only reason we didn’t use DirecTV in the Nati was because there were a ton of trees in the SW sky and no way of getting a signal.

    I love how TWC is pawning off their problems on other people now. It’s THEIR company, THEIR decisions. No Big Ten, No Versus, no intelligence.

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