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The city of Indianapolis, NBC, and the NFL threw a big party for Colts fans on Thursday night and they delievered. Upon arriving at 4:00pm for the 8:30pm kickoff, I was blown away by the amount of Colts jerseys that were flooding the streets and sidewalks in downtown Indy.

After parking and walking to get something to eat, we came outside to see Hinder performing at Monument Circle. This was followed by Kelly Clarkson and then Faith Hill (who was probably there because she is NBC’s new lead-in singer). Around 7:15 we went with thousands of other Colts fans toward the RCA Dome, now in it’s final season.

Inside, as players finished warmups, the outside of the field had stage equipment ready to be setup. There were extra lights set up by NBC along the outside of the upper bowl that were used for the indoor performance by Indiana native John Mellencamp. The field was setup with a stage surrounded by a giant Colts horseshoe logo.

Following that was the unveiling of the “2006 World Champions” banner with the Super Bowl 41 logo atop the Colts logo. The atmoshpere was electric.

Oh yeah, there was a game too. Colts won easily 41-10 over the New Orleans Saints in what many have called a Super Bowl preview.

Thoughts on the game and surroundings:

– The Colts defense made Reggie Bush look stupid. He not only got stuffed at the line several times, he dropped several easy passes in the flat that could have been significant yards.

– Jason David, former Colts CB, drew the short straw and was stuck covering WR Reggie Wayne all night. It was great for David when he returned a Wayne fumble for a Touchdown, but Wayne burned David on a couple occasions for touchdowns of his own.

– Anyone who gets to see Peyton Manning play football should cherish every moment. Manning is incredible, enough said.

– The Colts defense was a question as always, but they allowed a field goal and that was it. DB Bob Sanders is still a beast out there and DE Dwight Freeney put some serious pressure on Drew Brees. It’s only one game, but if the defense plays like this all season, we could easily get home field in the AFC.

– And finally, the bleacher two rows in front of us decided to break off in the 2nd quarter. Yes, there are bleachers there in the upper bowl and it sucks. I think this was the RCA Dome saying “Take a bulldozer to me NOW!” Thankfully Lucas Oil Stadium will use REAL seats for it’s entire capacity.

The Colts are now 1-0 and lead the AFC South by 1/2 game over everyone.


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  1. I think the aints were reading there own press and forgot to show up at all in indy. They looked flat and indy looked like the one fighting the underdog tag. Everyone can have a game they come off flat even indy.
    I am aints fan but not much longer if this keeps up.
    See you in Jacksonville.!

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