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It’s been awhile, and I’ve received pressure from people to post something, so here goes:

Moving to Minnesota:
In case you somehow haven’t heard, we are moving to Minneapolis, Minnesota in mid October. My wife Angel got yet another job promotion and we couldn’t be happier. So with my vacation and moving, I’ll be missing valuable blogging time among gaming time. I’ll get over it and hopefully you will too. It’s something that is very exciting for us.

Notre Dame:
What the hell just happened? Are the Irish seriously getting progressively worse? Anyone with half a brain KNEW Notre Dame was going to have a bad season. The question to start was whether they could beat Georgia Tech. Obviously after 20 plays, only one of which was a pass by Demetrius Quitter Jones, the answer was no. They looked about right against Penn State, but looked like a decent high school team against a very good Michigan team.

I guess the question should be Charlie Weis. I thought he was an offensive genius? Now I’m not calling for his head or anything, I mean I’m a guy who thought Tyrone Willingham being fired was completely wrong, but how does Weis end up with -14 yards rushing on the season? Congratulations, that’s dead last in the NCAA FBS. Kind of hard to shed some confidence on a 19 year old quarterback, when’s he constantly running in reverse.

Let’s be honest, College Football IS better when Notre Dame is good. It’s better when ALL the traditionally great teams are having a good year, especially with that fat NBC contract. I’m betting the peacock is VERY happy about this season thus far. Hopefully they’ll avoid that 0-8 start but looking at the schedule, it’s not likely. For those of you basking in the (future) glory of beating the Domers, good for you, you beat a high school team..Congratulations.

Chicago Cubs:

Well they are still holding onto the worst division in baseball at the moment. The road to the playoffs still isn’t easy as they battle the Reds this week as well as the final series of the season. Cincy has played very well against the Cubs this year and have really played spoiler in the NL central as they’ve beaten the Brewers when it matters as well.

It’s also no coincidence the Cubs are back on top with Alfonso Soriano returning a few weeks ago. The Cubs could lose ANYONE else and be ok, but if Soriano goes down again, we are screwed.

Also, don’t forget that once the playoffs begin, ANYONE can win. Ask the very mediocre Cardinals of last year.

It figures that I will be in Florida from THIS Friday up until 2 days prior to the end of the season. I’m missing the damn playoff run of the Cubs again!

It’s Gonna Happen!

Halo 3:

Since I’ll be on vacation during the opening week, I’ll be several days behind. Not only am I looking forward to 4 player co-op campaign, but another few months of joyous gaming with friends online. Hopefully this game takes a long time to get ruined by cheaters, 12 year olds, and other scum of the online universe that take fun away from others.

NHL 08:

I’m getting more and more frustrated with this game offline. I can’t find a way to play the computer without it being too easy (pro difficulty) or too hard (allstar/superstar). I’ve used multiple different settings but the CPU is too good, and EA still has the ridiculous comeback AI in this game. And what is worth the super goalies of the CPU? Please EA, release a patch or when the roster update comes out, make the goalies less talented. If this game had NHL 07’s goalies, it would be perfect.

Thankfully the online play with friends is good. They just need to fix team play.

For those in my JK Says League, make sure you get signed up and start playing. We will start the regular season at the first roster update.

If you have any questions, ask me.

That’s all for now,



One Comment

  1. Yes, i sent in the request for a Notre Dame column and i get it, great job. As a ND hater, you had some great points. And the best one and the question i’m left asking, this guy Weis is a offensive genius??? I can’t figure out who even first made that statement. I’m starting to wonder if it was Tom Brady that is the genius, then Brady Quinn. Maybe if it weren’t for the Brady brothers, this guys wouldn’t even had a job. I don’t honestly see how he got a 10-year deal, actually at the moment being a Purdue fan i’m glad he did. But, seriously Ty should still be the coach of ND. And as for 0-8, i’m thinking there is a very good shot at 0-8. Besides Purdue, which they could beat, I wouldn’t be surprised, but UCLA maybe, as for USC and BC, not a chance.
    And NHL 08 is a great game, and i would have to agree the levels of difficulty are a bit off.
    Halo i haven’t gotten yet, probably sometime next week when i’m out of town and haven’t nothing to do. Besides i got off work today at 3:30 and i’m pretty sure all copies were gone by then.
    Have a good vacation.

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