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Well congratulations Jack Thompson you are this week’s winner of the JK Says Biggest Idiot Ever award!

The crazy and probably insane lawyer claims he is dipicted in GTA IV and is threatening to sue Rockstar if “he” isn’t removed from the game.

Here’s the article from

Jack Thompson <— Insert Pee-Wee Herman’s laugh right about here.



  1. Is GTA4 out of line for killing anti-gamer lawyer, Jack Thompson, in the game? link:

  2. the little retard thinks that the sims is porno he should go f#$# himself i learned about him 5 min ago and all ready hate him he probably was born a trans sexual with no privite parts so through jelousy dedicated his life to bashing a bear body

  3. probablly took a marker and drew tits on himself

  4. I used to live in S. Florida and knew about this asshole LONG before he started up with video games.

    Google this fuckwit’s name along with the name Neil Rogers and see what you find.

    Thompson is mentally deranged…

  5. Hey Jack!…Do you know what irony is???…If gamers were a violent lot,they would have killed you long time ago.

  6. one dirty thevin’ mother fucking cocksuckin asshole!!!!!!!!!!!

  7. agree jack thompson is a idiot hes a mron who is mentally retarded if gamers were violent they would have killed him and someone tried lol

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