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Monthly Archives: October 2007

So I finally went to go see Saw 4 today. In fact I just got back from it so while it is fresh in my mind, I’d like to give my thoughts on the plot:


Jigsaw, who was killed at the end of Saw 3 played a very significant role in Saw 4. In fact, his role may have been more significant than ever. The movie opens with the autopsy of John Kramer (Jigsaw) when they find a tape inside his stomach. A quick flashback to Saw 3 shows him putting wax on the tape and they never really went into detail before. The tape talks about the same stuff about games.

I won’t discuss the entire movie but I want to address a couple key plot points for those who have seen it.

– It’s made known throughout the movie that Detective Matthews was held by Jigsaw for 6 months. This made no sense to me until the end simply because of where the plot in the movie picked up. It appeared to pickup right where Saw 3 ended up, 2 days at the most.

– The traps were a bit on the lame side in comparison to the other movies. However my favorite was probably a flashback to John Kramer’s first victim, Cecil. Cecil is the guy that essentially killed John and Jill’s unborn baby. The trap had his wrists and ankles bolted down with blades. In front of his face were knives that when pushed forward enough, would release his arms and legs and set him free. The purpose according to Kramer was to make him “as ugly on the outside as on the inside”. Severely injuring his face, he pushed the knives enough and was free. Cecil then tried to lunge at John. He sidestepped him and Cecil ended up in a cage full of razor wire. Jigsaw then walked away as Cecil died.

– The best part of the Saw movies of course is the last 5 minutes when that same climactic music is played and the detailed twists and true plot are revealed. This time it wasn’t necessarily about the new apprentice of Jigsaw, but rather the fact that everything that occurred in present time, was in fact taking place at the same time of Saw 3. The final scene goes back to the opening scene of Saw 4 which is exactly where the plot is as of now.

As far as the whole 6 month thing with Matthews goes, this makes more sense now. Jigsaw was in the care of Amanda for 6 months until he absolutely needed that operation performed at the end of the Saw 3.

So while it appears Detective Hoffman is the official apprentice of Jigsaw, it seems like the direction of this series is going awry. Not having John Kramer’s character involved anymore would be devastating for this series. It also makes you wonder as to what lengths and extremes that Hoffman was involved. To me, there still seems to be a lot of unanswered questions about Hoffman. What exactly was on that note he put in the envelope for Amanda?

We’ll find out next year I guess. Saw 5 and 6 are already confirmed.


I know I’ve given this game nothing but praise since it came out, but if you’re trying to play a REALISTIC game of hockey, you probably know a few things about single player:

– You can’t play on Pro difficulty because the CPU is WAY WAY WAY to relaxed on defense.

– You can’t play on All-star difficulty because the CPU cheats. EA claims it doesn’t but it does.

– You MUST play on the allegedly harder difficulty of Superstar because the CPU plays a pretty realstic game and it’s actually possible to compete.

Other things you need to do are turn the speed to 0, turn pass speed to 0. Big effects are aggression, and shot accuracy. The problem is that scores on 10 minute periods are simply too low. In fact the most goals I’ve ever seen by either team is 3.

But according to “catcatch22” on the forums, the key to getting higher scores is lowering the shot blocking slider. On nearly all slider sets on the internet, this slider is set to 6, or full. Apparently it’s been determined that the goalie and the skaters are tied together on shot blocking somehow.

With the help of “mudtiger”, also on forums, games ARE higher scoring. They are still determining how low to set it, but the consensus seems to be 2. I’ve tried several games at 0 and I had games ranging from 3-1, to 7-5.

I do believe this is the gamebreaker slider to making this fantastic when the roster update comes out. There have been some weak goals, but they work great with shot accuracy at 1 or 2. Either way, this is MUCH better than seeing 1-0 games all the time. Besides, has anyone even SEEN an NHL game? Scores are routinely higher than that. 4-3 is actually a pretty common score, so thankfully this should help.


I’ve decided to start a new segment on JK Says to join “Biggest Idiot Ever”. Honestly that’s been pretty slow lately so I’ve started this.

I’ll occasionally post something from youtube that goes back 10-20 years or so. Basically old crap I enjoyed as a kid. This segment is mainly brought about by my sister who sent me a youtube clip of the show “Are you Afraid of the Dark?”

Today’s Obscure Old TV Clip comes from the French animated series entitled “Sparticus and the Sun Beneath the Sea.” Seemingly taking place in the city of Arcadia. This show was came on early Saturday mornings, like 6 am, on Nickelodeon. It was dubbed to English in the U.S. but I still never really understood it. One thing that stood out in my mind was this cutscene of the show that was a couple minutes long. It was two dancing creatures who danced to a catchy song. Why they cut to these guys I have no idea, but it was kinda cool when you are 8 years old.

If you’ve never seen this, be prepared, it is extremely odd.

I present the Flashbick dance featuring Bic and Bac:

Hey Yankee fan.

It’s been quite a day hasn’t it?

First Alex Rodriguez announces he will opt out of his contract. Oh wait, you never appreciated his talent anyway. Hopefully A-Rod will go to a team where he is loved so he can get away from the idiot Yankee fans who have booed him the last few years. And yeah, the Yanks do NOT make the playoffs this year without him.And in case you missed it Yankee fan, the Red Sox won ANOTHER world series.

For everyone who is keeping track, the 21st Century Standings are as follows:

Red Sox 2 

Yankees 0

According to an EA moderator on the message board at, the first (and hopefully not last) significant roster update is coming very soon.

“We are working on a roster update. It is being prepared. We are waiting on the waivers to be signed by the AHL players. Trust me, it’ll be worth the wait b/c you’ll get all of the guys you wanted.”

That sounds like good news to me, especially for all you minor league hockey fans. Not only will every NHL roster be up to date, but every AHL roster will be intact as well. If you are playing a dynasty be prepared to start over because you’ll want your franchise to have 40 real players in the system.

Now if I can just get gameplay settings that I like. ::SIGH::

Well two weeks into his term as host of The Price Is Right, Drew Carey has certainly made the show very different. Look we all knew TPIR would be different, but is TOO different good or bad?

First off the set is fantastic. I love it. It’s a perfect blend of that 1970’s old game show with a new look that doesn’t look stupid (see the blue/pink/purple turn table of the last 5 years of Barker’s reign). The use of the roving camera that was seen in primetime specials is now a regular thing and the theme music has been updated. The microphone is wireless too.

As for Drew himself?

First the positives:

+ Drew is a fresh face. Sure it doesn’t seem like TPIR without Bob Barker, but let’s be realistic, Barker hasn’t been himself since he had his stroke. Watch videos on youtube of Barker 10 or more years ago and you’ll see how much better the interaction with contestants is. CBS, Fremantle, and Barker himself (as exectutive producer) cut drastic time off the show over the last decade that eliminated extras, but still. Take the intro lately with Barker. He’d come through door 2, get the mic, bow, say “I welcome you to the Price is Right”, tell the audience thank you, and then say “here is the first item up for bids today”. It NEVER changed. Long ago he did a short monologue.

This may seem like I’m just bashing Barker, but my point is that Drew is his own person and brings a fresh new take on TPIR.

+ He’s not trying to be Bob Barker. Thank goodness because if Drew Carey was trying to be like Bob, this show would be cancelled. He’s got his own ways of playing games for instance; On 1/2 off during the reveal he has the contestant say “alacazam!”, On One Away he refers to the “ladies” instead as “The mighty sound effects person”.

+ Another comedian hosting a game show. I love it. Comedy being brought to game shows is the best thing to happen to shows in a long time. Drew does his job as emcee, but still manages to throw in on the fly comedy bits where necessary.

+ Showing Rich on camera. For some reason Bob Barker at one point stopped putting announcer Rod Roddy on camera and essentially stopped having conversation with him altogether. Why? I don’t know. When Roddy passed away and they found Rich Fields, it stayed the same and Rich was on camera on his birthday and if we are lucky for 5 seconds after his final line of the show. Drew Carey at least is acknowledging Rich with the use of his full name. Perhaps in the future there will be more interaction. On another note, Drew mentions the models by name quite frequently as well.


– Easily the one that bugs me the most is his intro and outtro from commercials. For an hour long show that goes to commercial break 9 times, it gets extremely annoying to hear “we’ll be back with more Price is right after this” so frequently in an hour. Even worse to me is when they return from commercial he says “Welcome back to the Price is Right”. C’mon Drew, mix it up a bit.

– Knowledge of games is low. Last I heard, Drew still only knows about half the games. I’ve already seen sets of repeats on the show in 2 weeks. That’s not good. There are over 70 games in the current rotation and while some are played more than others, there should be as vast a variety as possible. As a loyal friend and true of the show, I know every single game inside and out and exactly how to explain each and every one of them. Sure it takes some work and there is a lot of pressure for Drew, but it’s not that difficult, or at least I don’t think it should be. This is the downside to getting Drew Carey as opposed to the guy I said should be hosting it, Todd Newton.

– Non Exciting reveals. As much as I say how great it is that Drew is NOT Bob Barker, there is one area I’d like to see more resemblance. Barker was the king of the false reveal. Take Golden Road for example. A guy is about to win a 90k Dodge Viper. Bob is about to pull the tab out to reveal the price “Let’s see if you’re a winn….are you going to drive this around campus?!?” He’d fail to show the price but ask another question. “Alright now we’ll see if that Viper is your….Who’s gonna ride with you in this?!?!?”

Drew doesn’t have to do that, but he just gets to the point with little to no suspense at all.

Overall I’m enjoying TPIR but it just seems like an entirely different show. They need to get some Million Dollar Spectaculars on the air soon to help promote the show even more.

Below is the official trailer to the long running hit show on Fox, 24. This is the start of the third trilogy to the show that is in real time throughout the entire season over the course of one day.

The video contains obvious spoilers, but Fox seems to want everyone to know about a big one in (surprise, surprise) an old character coming back.

Check it out and let me know what you think.

And the break started a week and a half ago. As you may or may not know, we are moving to Minnesota this weekend. I’ve been way too busy to write on here (but not too busy to play Halo 3).

I’ll continue with my thoughts on games and sports in a couple weeks. Until then, leave me some topics you want discussed.

From the Nati for the last time,


No, I’ve just been busy playing Halo 3, and getting ready to move to the great state of Minnesota.

So leave me alone people. Of course if everyone is bugging me about not posting, it means that they like it. Which I suppose is good.

Here goes:

– The Chicago Cubs broke my heart yet again. This time at least it wasn’t in game 6 of the NLCS only a few outs away from beating the Marlins. This year they simply ripped the band-aid off quickly. And by quickly, I mean grounding into 4 double plays with multiple scoring chances with one of the top offensive trios in the National League. It’s ok though. Like I said, it went quickly and at least I knew they weren’t going to win this series after game 2.

– I’m not bent about the Cubs because hockey season has arrived. We saw the Columbus Blue Jackets home opener last night and it was fantastic. A 4-0 beatdown of the champs at Nationwide Arena. It’s only one game but the Jackets do look a lot better than before. Credit can go to Ken Hitchcock on that one. He finally got himself a training camp and can do a lot with this team, especially if Rick Nash gets a few more 4 point/2 goal nights.

– Halo 3 is fantastic. There is simply no way around it. It’s just like playing Halo 2 with some fresh maps and less cheating. I’m still questioning the strength of the melee attack. I continue to feel that it’s TOO dominant. One on one close confrontations continue to be shooting your opponent and melee. Sometimes I think I’m unfairly being killed when I just did the same thing to my opponent. Halo 2 was patched for gameplay last year, maybe 3 will as well. Still this is petty considering how good this game really is.

– Moving to Minnesota is supposed to be complete by October 22nd which is the date Angel begins work at Supervalu corporate. It’s getting close and we still have no idea where exactly we are going to live, or what exactly we are going to live in (aparment or condo). It’s frustrating but it’s all being paid for. It’s a big decision, but at the same time, it doesn’t really matter a whole lot where we live. That may or may not make sense, but it’s how I feel. Thankfully there will be no shortage of hockey anywhere up there. Now to find yet another job.

Have any thoughts of your own? Want to post something constructive? Want me to talk about something? LET ME KNOW!