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No, I’ve just been busy playing Halo 3, and getting ready to move to the great state of Minnesota.

So leave me alone people. Of course if everyone is bugging me about not posting, it means that they like it. Which I suppose is good.

Here goes:

– The Chicago Cubs broke my heart yet again. This time at least it wasn’t in game 6 of the NLCS only a few outs away from beating the Marlins. This year they simply ripped the band-aid off quickly. And by quickly, I mean grounding into 4 double plays with multiple scoring chances with one of the top offensive trios in the National League. It’s ok though. Like I said, it went quickly and at least I knew they weren’t going to win this series after game 2.

– I’m not bent about the Cubs because hockey season has arrived. We saw the Columbus Blue Jackets home opener last night and it was fantastic. A 4-0 beatdown of the champs at Nationwide Arena. It’s only one game but the Jackets do look a lot better than before. Credit can go to Ken Hitchcock on that one. He finally got himself a training camp and can do a lot with this team, especially if Rick Nash gets a few more 4 point/2 goal nights.

– Halo 3 is fantastic. There is simply no way around it. It’s just like playing Halo 2 with some fresh maps and less cheating. I’m still questioning the strength of the melee attack. I continue to feel that it’s TOO dominant. One on one close confrontations continue to be shooting your opponent and melee. Sometimes I think I’m unfairly being killed when I just did the same thing to my opponent. Halo 2 was patched for gameplay last year, maybe 3 will as well. Still this is petty considering how good this game really is.

– Moving to Minnesota is supposed to be complete by October 22nd which is the date Angel begins work at Supervalu corporate. It’s getting close and we still have no idea where exactly we are going to live, or what exactly we are going to live in (aparment or condo). It’s frustrating but it’s all being paid for. It’s a big decision, but at the same time, it doesn’t really matter a whole lot where we live. That may or may not make sense, but it’s how I feel. Thankfully there will be no shortage of hockey anywhere up there. Now to find yet another job.

Have any thoughts of your own? Want to post something constructive? Want me to talk about something? LET ME KNOW!




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