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According to an EA moderator on the message board at, the first (and hopefully not last) significant roster update is coming very soon.

“We are working on a roster update. It is being prepared. We are waiting on the waivers to be signed by the AHL players. Trust me, it’ll be worth the wait b/c you’ll get all of the guys you wanted.”

That sounds like good news to me, especially for all you minor league hockey fans. Not only will every NHL roster be up to date, but every AHL roster will be intact as well. If you are playing a dynasty be prepared to start over because you’ll want your franchise to have 40 real players in the system.

Now if I can just get gameplay settings that I like. ::SIGH::



  1. Cool, finally some news on rosters, can’t wait.

    I messed around with gameplay settings for a few weeks, but I’ve decided to just stay on “Pro” with defaults. It’s kind of too fast and arcade-like for my taste, but after slowing it down and trying to make it more difficult, I realized I wasn’t having any fun. 🙂 So back to defaults, and once I get the new rosters, I’ll be good to go!

  2. thank god i was starting to worry that they wouldnt have any new rosters because i am obsesed with having the right rosters… thats awesome

  3. well i heard the 360 roster update is out but how come no ps3 roster update yet????

  4. When is the roster update out for the PC? I’m waiting and waiting and waiting and nothing happens

  5. 5 days since the xbox and ps3 updates and no pc?? you do write them on a computer and then convert them to format right? what the heck is delaying pc updates now? waivers are waivers and there is absolutely no excuse for further delays. get it together

  6. Guys I have no clue about the roster update for PC. I don’t do PC gaming.

  7. but how do you update the rosters on PS2??

  8. I don’t own a PS2 so I don’t know. I own an Xbox 360.

  9. *Comment deleted by JK*

    Don’t troll my blog with your language. If you are looking for an answer to your PC problems, you are in the wrong place. Stop asking about it here.

  10. The guy was just asking a question.

    *JK’S Note: Grow up.*

  11. Wrong, he was using extreme excessive language and clearly could not read above that I don’t do PC gaming.

    Common sense is certainly on the endangered species list in our society.

  12. Any way to update the rosters in dynasty mode?

  13. Dynasty rosters can’t be changed if you already started.

    You need to start a new dynasty and make sure the updated rosters are loaded when you do.

  14. I’ve read all your posts and it seams like the updated roster for ps2 is out….if this is the case how do I update it so even if I play offline the rosters are current?

  15. Im new to the PS3 world and going online vis ps3. How do I download the roster updates?



  16. Ea, could care less about getting the updates for the pc

  17. PC has all kinds of updates almost daily over at Not by EA, so they are much better. check it out.

  18. PC has tons of mods and updates ect, every damn day, NHL 08 is way better on PC then it is on xbox 360 and PS3 n00bs. NHL 2k8 blows nhl 08 new gen away big time…the nhl 08 PC version totally tweaked out with mods ect, is killer compared to the console releases lol. Good Day. GO BUY IT for PC and mod the &*#$ out of it mofos. *owns a xbox 360 & a PC* I should also let it be known that I’m not smart enough to use real words and avoid cursing.

  19. Is there going to be a new update after the trade deadline… they really need one

  20. your ass hurts if you think nhl2k8 is better then nhl 08

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