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I’ve decided to start a new segment on JK Says to join “Biggest Idiot Ever”. Honestly that’s been pretty slow lately so I’ve started this.

I’ll occasionally post something from youtube that goes back 10-20 years or so. Basically old crap I enjoyed as a kid. This segment is mainly brought about by my sister who sent me a youtube clip of the show “Are you Afraid of the Dark?”

Today’s Obscure Old TV Clip comes from the French animated series entitled “Sparticus and the Sun Beneath the Sea.” Seemingly taking place in the city of Arcadia. This show was came on early Saturday mornings, like 6 am, on Nickelodeon. It was dubbed to English in the U.S. but I still never really understood it. One thing that stood out in my mind was this cutscene of the show that was a couple minutes long. It was two dancing creatures who danced to a catchy song. Why they cut to these guys I have no idea, but it was kinda cool when you are 8 years old.

If you’ve never seen this, be prepared, it is extremely odd.

I present the Flashbick dance featuring Bic and Bac:


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