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I know I’ve given this game nothing but praise since it came out, but if you’re trying to play a REALISTIC game of hockey, you probably know a few things about single player:

– You can’t play on Pro difficulty because the CPU is WAY WAY WAY to relaxed on defense.

– You can’t play on All-star difficulty because the CPU cheats. EA claims it doesn’t but it does.

– You MUST play on the allegedly harder difficulty of Superstar because the CPU plays a pretty realstic game and it’s actually possible to compete.

Other things you need to do are turn the speed to 0, turn pass speed to 0. Big effects are aggression, and shot accuracy. The problem is that scores on 10 minute periods are simply too low. In fact the most goals I’ve ever seen by either team is 3.

But according to “catcatch22” on the forums, the key to getting higher scores is lowering the shot blocking slider. On nearly all slider sets on the internet, this slider is set to 6, or full. Apparently it’s been determined that the goalie and the skaters are tied together on shot blocking somehow.

With the help of “mudtiger”, also on forums, games ARE higher scoring. They are still determining how low to set it, but the consensus seems to be 2. I’ve tried several games at 0 and I had games ranging from 3-1, to 7-5.

I do believe this is the gamebreaker slider to making this fantastic when the roster update comes out. There have been some weak goals, but they work great with shot accuracy at 1 or 2. Either way, this is MUCH better than seeing 1-0 games all the time. Besides, has anyone even SEEN an NHL game? Scores are routinely higher than that. 4-3 is actually a pretty common score, so thankfully this should help.



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