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So I finally went to go see Saw 4 today. In fact I just got back from it so while it is fresh in my mind, I’d like to give my thoughts on the plot:


Jigsaw, who was killed at the end of Saw 3 played a very significant role in Saw 4. In fact, his role may have been more significant than ever. The movie opens with the autopsy of John Kramer (Jigsaw) when they find a tape inside his stomach. A quick flashback to Saw 3 shows him putting wax on the tape and they never really went into detail before. The tape talks about the same stuff about games.

I won’t discuss the entire movie but I want to address a couple key plot points for those who have seen it.

– It’s made known throughout the movie that Detective Matthews was held by Jigsaw for 6 months. This made no sense to me until the end simply because of where the plot in the movie picked up. It appeared to pickup right where Saw 3 ended up, 2 days at the most.

– The traps were a bit on the lame side in comparison to the other movies. However my favorite was probably a flashback to John Kramer’s first victim, Cecil. Cecil is the guy that essentially killed John and Jill’s unborn baby. The trap had his wrists and ankles bolted down with blades. In front of his face were knives that when pushed forward enough, would release his arms and legs and set him free. The purpose according to Kramer was to make him “as ugly on the outside as on the inside”. Severely injuring his face, he pushed the knives enough and was free. Cecil then tried to lunge at John. He sidestepped him and Cecil ended up in a cage full of razor wire. Jigsaw then walked away as Cecil died.

– The best part of the Saw movies of course is the last 5 minutes when that same climactic music is played and the detailed twists and true plot are revealed. This time it wasn’t necessarily about the new apprentice of Jigsaw, but rather the fact that everything that occurred in present time, was in fact taking place at the same time of Saw 3. The final scene goes back to the opening scene of Saw 4 which is exactly where the plot is as of now.

As far as the whole 6 month thing with Matthews goes, this makes more sense now. Jigsaw was in the care of Amanda for 6 months until he absolutely needed that operation performed at the end of the Saw 3.

So while it appears Detective Hoffman is the official apprentice of Jigsaw, it seems like the direction of this series is going awry. Not having John Kramer’s character involved anymore would be devastating for this series. It also makes you wonder as to what lengths and extremes that Hoffman was involved. To me, there still seems to be a lot of unanswered questions about Hoffman. What exactly was on that note he put in the envelope for Amanda?

We’ll find out next year I guess. Saw 5 and 6 are already confirmed.


  1. In this movie also The one girl asks hoffman who something in his hand is for a boy or girl and hoffman replied Girl… She then says I didnt know you were married and he replied Im not its a short story…

    then towards the end…

    Jeff: [screaming] Where is my daughter? You mother…

    do you think this has something to do with the next one or does it peice back to the other 3

  2. That stuffed animal that Hoffman held in his hand during that conversation about him being married in Saw 4, is the SAME stuffed animal that Jeff’s daughter was holding at the end of Saw 3.

    I think Hoffman certainly knows about Jeff’s daughter’s wherabouts and it will certainly be brought up or play a role in Saw 5 next year.

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