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Monthly Archives: November 2007


On December 14 of this year “I Am Legend” will be hitting the big screen. It stars Will Smith and takes place in a post apocalyptic world where the spread of a virus changes people into blood thirsty vampires.

Real original huh?

Well this idea was very original in fact, in the year 1954, the book “I Am Legend” was written by Richard Matheson. Matheson has written other books you have maybe heard of like “The Incredible Shrinking Man” and “A Stir of Echoes”.

“I Am Legend” will be the 3rd movie based on the book following “The Omega Man” (1971) staring Charlton Heston and “The Last Man on Earth” (1964) staring Vincent Price. Although these two movies were not very close to the book they were very good for there time.

Being as excited as I am to see the movie I had to go and pick up the book. I’m 15 chapters into it and I it’s amazing I can’t put it down. The interesting thing about it is it takes place in 1976. Remember I said the book was written 1954. It’s so amazing to realize that this book was written 53 years ago and the idea of vampires being done the way they were being new.

Now, from all that I have heard about the movie, it is quite different from the book. Despite the fact of it taken place in 2012 instead of 1976. Robert Neville’s (Will Smith) character is also quite different. In the book, Neville was just another guy who managed some how to survive the plague after the outbreak of this vampire disease hit. In the movie, havingto do with the company he worked for, he is supposedly “the indirect cause” of the virus out break.

Talking to people about the movie,who have already read the book, said that changing the story just a little bit could throw off what the book was about or the whole meaning of it. For example, Will Smith’s Neville and the book Neville I can tell you right now are almost the exact opposite. Some people said that the only reason the Smith was cast is because he is going be alone for half the movie and they need someone with character. My response to this is, “So what?”, the movie also doesn’t take place in 1976 so there are going to be differences. An updated story in a modern time period requires the characters to change personality or the story won’t fit. In saying this though, there are a couple key elements in the story that have to stay or it won’t do what the book did (which I can’t explain with out giving some key elements away so bare with me). No it’s not JUST about vampires, in fact, a lot is about humans and the way we think. Not being able to say anymore about the key elements, I suggest that you read the book.

So over all go see the movie, read the book, ill give my review of the movie soon after i see it.

::jlperson14 is a guest writer for JK Says::


Indeed, the first commercial for the all new American Gladiators on NBC is out.

Here’s the 30 second spot.

It’s another edition of the Obscure Old Tv Clip.

Today I present the first episode and game of the current era of “The Price Is Right”.

The year was 1972.

Check out how quiet the audience is during the intro unlike now when everyone is screaming. Johnny Olson reads the contestant’s names and for this show only, they are not immediately told to come on down. Of course there is also the introduction of Bob Barker’s era on The Price is Right, and yes this is still the same studio 33 they use today (now known as the Bob Barker Studio).

Now the first pricing game to be played was Any Number. This game was also the LAST pricing game Bob played (I’m sure that was on purpose). Note the contestant’s podium that doesn’t exist anymore.

It’s also a rare appearance by the Piggy Bank!

I haven’t given out my biggest idiot ever award for awhile, so I’m going to do it now on a day where normal people suddenly turn ignorant, stupid, rude…you name it.

Welcome to Black Friday, the day where every single major store in the country has their biggest sale of the year. Coincidentally, people everywhere forget they are human beings and decide to turn into idiots.

As I’m leaving work at 5:00 am this morning, a line of over 20 people were standing next to the entrance of Target in blankets, coats, and anything else to stay warm. They had clearly been out there awhile. Did I mention the temperature at the time was hovering around 15 degrees? Yeah, it’s cold in Minnesota, but no one cares, they want to save a couple bucks.

Now thankfully there is no organization when it comes to being in these long lines for hours on end when the store actually opens. Most stores do a first come first serve type thing for items that could be sitting anywhere in the store, mainly places they don’t belong. For instance HDTV’s could be sitting with girls clothes. Manners get thrown out the window too. Forget the fact that you didn’t get to the item first, don’t say excuse me or you go ahead, nevermind that someone else already has their hands on that item.

But it is really the fault of the denizens, or does the fault lie with the retailers? Perhaps a little more organization when it comes to these long lines might be in order. Why do most companies just open their doors and get out of the way? Are they not allowing the mad rush where people frequently get hurt to just happen? How about giving people in line a paper where they can write down ONE thing they want for sure so they can guarantee it? What’s the point of being first in line if you aren’t for sure going to get what you want?

Either way, the entire concept of Black Friday is so stupid, as are the people who participate in it.

I just woke up, some 7 hours after the store opened, and I’m perfectly happy having been NOWHERE near a retail store. I’m also quite warm, not trampled, don’t feel like I was a jerk or received crap from someone and I’m not tired from a long day of forced shopping.

Well I’m now officially moved into my condo in Minneapolis, Minnesota.
I haven’t been on here much because of the fact that I didn’t have internet for awhile. I’m set now though, and would like to say that I’m happy I have my internet, my 56 inch DLP HDTV, and Xbox Live to play NHL 08 and Halo 3.

Speaking of NHL 08, the roster update FINALLY came out and it is incredible. I have officially started my dynasty with the Columbus Blue Jackets and I have a terrible record, and I love it. EA apparently tweaked the game play like they did with the updates in 07. The game is simply a fantastic sim and despite some of the difficulty with the game, I still think it is sports game of the year. I’ll post the sliders I’m using soon once I get finalized on it. I’m using a set very similar to those by catcatch22 on forums.

I’ll post more soon and discuss Halo: CE on Xbox Live Arcade, Halo 3’s new playlists, and some college basketball.


When you have a blog that is mostly about complaining about things and just sounding like a complete jerk. Sometimes you need to write something that will touch your heart, something that almost makes you cry….. well, not really that just sounds good for what im about to write.

In the xbox 360/halo 3 community something did touch our hearts… an in game marriage proposal. yes indeed he poped the question. his gamertag is “Moviesign”, he invited his girl friend,who goes by the gamer tag “furtive penguin” (What?) who movie has been dating for two years, he invited her into what penguin thought was a two on two match. turns out the son of a chicken put together lots of weapons to spell out “Marry Me?”

Now im going to make fun of them a bit.

So was this just a way to get out of buying a ring? what did he give her a plasma sword instead to wear on her halo characters hand. “my fiance got me this $3000 Rock what did yours get you….”   “hold on let me boot up halo 3 and i’ll show you.” i guess she will look at it in such a way “your rock might beat scissors but my sword pwns in halo 3″(which pwn isnt a word).

Of course some people would look at it as creative which I could see why they think that I mean at least it wasnt in a wine glass. He could have went the whole mile though and get married IN halo. I better not give him ideas. In all reality it is a little ridiculous.

Ok ok so lets look on the bright side here, maybe “penguin” is even a bigger gamer than I am and she thinks this was the most romantic thing ever. i mention this story to my parents the reaction i got was “only your generation would find that romantic” but of course we cant put aside the fact that my generation consists of idiots.

Ok I’m getting off subject

Anyway i want to hear what you guys think about it. Do you think this is romantic? Comment me email me jlperson13@msn.commy blog sight is or just comment here. I’ts not everyday I get a topic I want other people to talk about. i plan on writing further blogs about it.

So congrats to “Mrs. furtive penguin sign” and “Moviesign” on your engagement. maybe they will renew there vowes on halo 5.

::jlperson14 is a guest writer for JK Says::

I’ve played Guitar Hero on Easy a few times and got pretty frustrated.

In case you haven’t seen this guy, here’s why I’ll never buy GH3. Presenting Conrad, playing “Through the Fire and Flames” on Expert difficulty:


Ty Willingham must be laughing right about now. I’m betting Ty would have won that game.

That is all.

BELOW IS A GUEST WRITER FOR JK SAYS. HIS VIEWS DO NOT NECESSARILY REPRESENT THOSE OF JK: just released its beta version. There has been a lot of talk about this site and it has been rumored to be a “Youtube killer” now to my knowledge I haven’t heard hulu ever say that this was intended to a be a youtube killer. To be honest these sites are two very different things.

            For those of you who do not know what hulu is, it is a video site created by NBC with premium content, meaning hulu allows you to view your favorite TV shows on TV now and even some classics. There was talk of full movies also. You have the ability to share videos, the whole video or just a short clip of your choosing. Hulu can be taken other places for instance “myspace” and about 5 other partner sites that you are able to view hulu premium content.

            This is all pretty freakin sweet but is it a youtube killer…. No way. With all these great features it still lacks user created content, which if you haven’t noticed is what youtube is all about. You would have to give hulu about 2 ½ years to develop the kind of community youtube has and that will only happen if hulu adds a couple features user created content being one of them,

             Despite it not being a youtube killer I would still say it has potential. To me it’s a completely different website. People who will want 1 thing like a TV show will go to hulu and those same people who decide they want to go see some one bust there face on concrete after jumping off a roof into a trampoline, will go to youtube.

::jlperson14 is a guest writer for JK Says::

In case you haven’t seen this play yet, or in case you are a football fan who hasn’t been on youtube or watched Sportscenter, here is the Trinity University Lateral play at the end of the game against Millsaps in Division III. What is interesting about this particular video is that the camera angle is not that grainy traditional side view. This camera is a clear end zone view and gives you a much much better idea of how fantastic this play was.

The play takes about 60 seconds and consists of 15 laterals, all of which are perfectly legal. It’s obvious they practice some form of this play.



The following will be referring back to a game which started the “world domination” what really got me into hardcore gaming, changed the way we play online and starts with H and ends in ALO 1 Yes you all guessed it HALO 1. Now the reasons I am referring to halo 1 are reasons not a lot of people will agree with or “Like”. The “REASON” I am talking about halo 1 is because I believe it to be superior to its two sequels. Now I am strictly talking about online game play NOT the campaign.

So let me just put it bluntly… halo 2 and 3 are just dumbed down versions of halo 1 in a lot of ways but not all ways. One of biggest reasons is the heath bar. If you haven’t noticed there isn’t one anymore. Bungie did this just so more of the inexperienced gamers could play well, “better” for the lack of a better word. Example: if I got into a one on one battle with someone I take there shields down and they hide behind a corner in till there shields comes back, the playing fields are now even again and so now my opponent has just the same chance to kill me even though I really have put more bullets into him. This process, in some cases, can be repeated several times.

The vehicle physics are also a problem. If there is a fragment grenade under your wart hog or even near it should flip it. Halo one was perfect with the physics, besides the fact the vehicles didn’t explode or take damage was really irrelevant when u would actually fall out of the vehicle when it flipped.

Matching has been getting worse and worse, this being specific to halo 3. Territories needs to not be a game type at all, VIP is weak at times but has its quality’s. So could someone please tell me why Classic CTF is taken out of the rotation enough of this one flag crap.

So to end everything off I just would like to say I am one of the probably very few people who would spend $60 on halo 1 ONLINE for 360.

::jlperson14 is a guest writer for JK Says::

Just in case your Nintendo Wii has been sidelined for awhile, months in some cases I’m guessing, there will soon be a reason to get it back out.

Super Mario Galaxy should be that reason. It’s been revealed what will happen if you complete the game and get all 120 stars similar to what you had to do in SM64. No Yoshi here, this actually matters!

Check out this page from

I found this picture on Flickr. It is a fantastic looking Big Daddy costume from Bioshock. Complete with the little sister next to him with some Adam to go along with it. Incredible!

Username “alienate” posted this picture so enjoy!


According to an update from Wikipedia, The former hit karaoke show on NBC, The Singing Bee, has been put on hiatus for November sweeps. It is unknown whether the show will continue in the future.

“Bee” premiered to over 13 million viewers, nearly the highest premiere of the summer. It had nearly an identical rating as the MLB All Star game.

It’s quite sad to see a true game show that is fun to watch and doesn’t rely on $1,000,000 prize to satisfy it’s viewers (Think TPIR). How people can sit there and watch some of these impossible to win $1,000,000, SLOW, gimmick shows is beyond me. I’ll take the fun, QUICK pace of Bee with a $50,000 jackpot, returning champion game show anyday. Besides, how the hell does Fox’s “Don’t Forget the Lyrics” come close to getting better ratings. Talk about boring! You see like 5 songs in an hour! With Bee, you got about 15 songs in half the time.

There’s just yet another GOOD show on TV that is being cancelled. This is just fueling the fire of reasons why Americans are stupid. They’ll watch has-been tools dance and watch whores with diseases try and get with a guy that only wants to get in their pants, but good shows on tv go by the waste-side.

Please NBC, bring this show back!

Check out this clip from the 80’s themed show: