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According to an update from Wikipedia, The former hit karaoke show on NBC, The Singing Bee, has been put on hiatus for November sweeps. It is unknown whether the show will continue in the future.

“Bee” premiered to over 13 million viewers, nearly the highest premiere of the summer. It had nearly an identical rating as the MLB All Star game.

It’s quite sad to see a true game show that is fun to watch and doesn’t rely on $1,000,000 prize to satisfy it’s viewers (Think TPIR). How people can sit there and watch some of these impossible to win $1,000,000, SLOW, gimmick shows is beyond me. I’ll take the fun, QUICK pace of Bee with a $50,000 jackpot, returning champion game show anyday. Besides, how the hell does Fox’s “Don’t Forget the Lyrics” come close to getting better ratings. Talk about boring! You see like 5 songs in an hour! With Bee, you got about 15 songs in half the time.

There’s just yet another GOOD show on TV that is being cancelled. This is just fueling the fire of reasons why Americans are stupid. They’ll watch has-been tools dance and watch whores with diseases try and get with a guy that only wants to get in their pants, but good shows on tv go by the waste-side.

Please NBC, bring this show back!

Check out this clip from the 80’s themed show:



  1. i can’t believe dis r u sure dey cancelled it nbc is so stupid i am from trinidad and i want nbc 2 put dis fabulous game show 2 put the show back i luv d show and joey fatone i have never seen don’t forget the lyrics b4 but i no it is not as good as the singing bee!!!!!!!!!!

  2. I wanted to see if you were interested in helping me bring the bee back. I’ve started a blog and am looking for some help…


  3. The Singing Bee >>>>>>>>>> Dont Forget the Lyrics

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