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The following will be referring back to a game which started the “world domination” what really got me into hardcore gaming, changed the way we play online and starts with H and ends in ALO 1 Yes you all guessed it HALO 1. Now the reasons I am referring to halo 1 are reasons not a lot of people will agree with or “Like”. The “REASON” I am talking about halo 1 is because I believe it to be superior to its two sequels. Now I am strictly talking about online game play NOT the campaign.

So let me just put it bluntly… halo 2 and 3 are just dumbed down versions of halo 1 in a lot of ways but not all ways. One of biggest reasons is the heath bar. If you haven’t noticed there isn’t one anymore. Bungie did this just so more of the inexperienced gamers could play well, “better” for the lack of a better word. Example: if I got into a one on one battle with someone I take there shields down and they hide behind a corner in till there shields comes back, the playing fields are now even again and so now my opponent has just the same chance to kill me even though I really have put more bullets into him. This process, in some cases, can be repeated several times.

The vehicle physics are also a problem. If there is a fragment grenade under your wart hog or even near it should flip it. Halo one was perfect with the physics, besides the fact the vehicles didn’t explode or take damage was really irrelevant when u would actually fall out of the vehicle when it flipped.

Matching has been getting worse and worse, this being specific to halo 3. Territories needs to not be a game type at all, VIP is weak at times but has its quality’s. So could someone please tell me why Classic CTF is taken out of the rotation enough of this one flag crap.

So to end everything off I just would like to say I am one of the probably very few people who would spend $60 on halo 1 ONLINE for 360.

::jlperson14 is a guest writer for JK Says::



  1. While I agree with many of your points, I partially think that Halo 3 was released just for the multi player aspect. I really don’t think people even care much for the campaign at all. I understand that Halo 1 will also hold a special place with many people (myself included) because it provided such a unique experience that the console gamer had never had before. I have played Halo 3 online for a fair amount of time, and I really think that they have tried to add on way to much (weapons, grenades, game types) to the elements that were introduced in Halo 1. Very good post.

  2. Interesting post. I definitely think halo 3 was mostly for multiplayer purposes though.

  3. Nah your not the ‘only’ one that wants halo 1 online, Halo 1 is the best for multi player… All the “pro” halo players also think 1 is better. It just so much more focused on individual skill where halo 2/3 is ALL about teamwork due to autoaim and sheilds.

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