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Ty Willingham must be laughing right about now. I’m betting Ty would have won that game.

That is all.



  1. Simple. 45 secs left on the clock. In good field goal range. 4th and 9. what do you do? I will bet you, every coach in the NCAA would had kicked the ball, scored 3 and won the game. ND defense is good. Good enough to hold Navy for the remainder 40 ish secs left after the kick. BUT NO, not arogant, cocky snot licking Charlie, He still thinks he is offense coach for the NE Patriots coaching Tom Brady and goes for it. Wait thats not right, NE Patriots coach would have kiced the ball also. I miss you Lou Holtz, I miss you TY. I still think ND should play in a bowl game. Wait! Wait a minute. At Notre Dame VS Penn High School. I bet it would be a sell out. That would be good for Penn also. Imagine, a high school football team beating ND on their own filed because charlie would call stupid plays. Thanks for letting me vent. I almost feel a little better

  2. For the most part I agree with this. It’s easy to throw Weis under the bus, but at the same time, even the best of coaches couldn’t get this Notre Dame team a winning record.

    Of course Weis made a stupid decision. Even if the kick is missed, the field position of the Midshipmen wouldn’t have been much better. Plus how about that 2 pt. conversion call in 3OT? What the hell was that? They’d been pounding it up the middle all game, so why not there?

    Weis has the #1 recruiting class in the nation for next year again, and this current group will be a year older next year, if they can’t get back to .500 or better next season, then we can call foul.

  3. Hey, JK,
    I was there yesterday, cheering for the other guys. It seemed to me at the time that Weis was playing for OT rather than gamble on the wind and an iffy kicker.
    To me, what won the game for Navy was heart, and maybe conditioning.
    Heart: One can only guess the morale of a team that usually accumulates seven losses in three years, only just keeping up with a smaller team they’ve beaten 43 times in a row and they should be able to swat in their sleep.
    Maybe conditioning: Everybody’s gassed after regulation and 3 overtimes. What strength and endurance training the guys were doing, or not, in July and August may have spelled the difference at the end. Navy was just a bit less done, and finally stuffed the run when it counted.

  4. It’s not Charlie’s fault, it’s the players… Oh that was the following week in a loss to AIR FORCE. Do they play the National Guard?? Cause i’m betting on the NG!

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