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BELOW IS A GUEST WRITER FOR JK SAYS. HIS VIEWS DO NOT NECESSARILY REPRESENT THOSE OF JK: just released its beta version. There has been a lot of talk about this site and it has been rumored to be a “Youtube killer” now to my knowledge I haven’t heard hulu ever say that this was intended to a be a youtube killer. To be honest these sites are two very different things.

            For those of you who do not know what hulu is, it is a video site created by NBC with premium content, meaning hulu allows you to view your favorite TV shows on TV now and even some classics. There was talk of full movies also. You have the ability to share videos, the whole video or just a short clip of your choosing. Hulu can be taken other places for instance “myspace” and about 5 other partner sites that you are able to view hulu premium content.

            This is all pretty freakin sweet but is it a youtube killer…. No way. With all these great features it still lacks user created content, which if you haven’t noticed is what youtube is all about. You would have to give hulu about 2 ½ years to develop the kind of community youtube has and that will only happen if hulu adds a couple features user created content being one of them,

             Despite it not being a youtube killer I would still say it has potential. To me it’s a completely different website. People who will want 1 thing like a TV show will go to hulu and those same people who decide they want to go see some one bust there face on concrete after jumping off a roof into a trampoline, will go to youtube.

::jlperson14 is a guest writer for JK Says::



  1. Thanks! I had been hearing rumors of websites like this, but have not yet taken the time to search for them. Thanks for making it easy on me.

  2. Actually, George Kliavkoff – NBCU’s President of Digital Media who was largely behind the forming of Hulu did dub it “Youtube Killer” at first. After a moment of clarity, he realized he made a mistake and said it wasn’t going to be a “Youtube Killer” but would still be cool.

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