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When you have a blog that is mostly about complaining about things and just sounding like a complete jerk. Sometimes you need to write something that will touch your heart, something that almost makes you cry….. well, not really that just sounds good for what im about to write.

In the xbox 360/halo 3 community something did touch our hearts… an in game marriage proposal. yes indeed he poped the question. his gamertag is “Moviesign”, he invited his girl friend,who goes by the gamer tag “furtive penguin” (What?) who movie has been dating for two years, he invited her into what penguin thought was a two on two match. turns out the son of a chicken put together lots of weapons to spell out “Marry Me?”

Now im going to make fun of them a bit.

So was this just a way to get out of buying a ring? what did he give her a plasma sword instead to wear on her halo characters hand. “my fiance got me this $3000 Rock what did yours get you….”   “hold on let me boot up halo 3 and i’ll show you.” i guess she will look at it in such a way “your rock might beat scissors but my sword pwns in halo 3″(which pwn isnt a word).

Of course some people would look at it as creative which I could see why they think that I mean at least it wasnt in a wine glass. He could have went the whole mile though and get married IN halo. I better not give him ideas. In all reality it is a little ridiculous.

Ok ok so lets look on the bright side here, maybe “penguin” is even a bigger gamer than I am and she thinks this was the most romantic thing ever. i mention this story to my parents the reaction i got was “only your generation would find that romantic” but of course we cant put aside the fact that my generation consists of idiots.

Ok I’m getting off subject

Anyway i want to hear what you guys think about it. Do you think this is romantic? Comment me email me jlperson13@msn.commy blog sight is or just comment here. I’ts not everyday I get a topic I want other people to talk about. i plan on writing further blogs about it.

So congrats to “Mrs. furtive penguin sign” and “Moviesign” on your engagement. maybe they will renew there vowes on halo 5.

::jlperson14 is a guest writer for JK Says::


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