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Well I’m now officially moved into my condo in Minneapolis, Minnesota.
I haven’t been on here much because of the fact that I didn’t have internet for awhile. I’m set now though, and would like to say that I’m happy I have my internet, my 56 inch DLP HDTV, and Xbox Live to play NHL 08 and Halo 3.

Speaking of NHL 08, the roster update FINALLY came out and it is incredible. I have officially started my dynasty with the Columbus Blue Jackets and I have a terrible record, and I love it. EA apparently tweaked the game play like they did with the updates in 07. The game is simply a fantastic sim and despite some of the difficulty with the game, I still think it is sports game of the year. I’ll post the sliders I’m using soon once I get finalized on it. I’m using a set very similar to those by catcatch22 on forums.

I’ll post more soon and discuss Halo: CE on Xbox Live Arcade, Halo 3’s new playlists, and some college basketball.


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  1. Can you post those sliders?

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