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I haven’t given out my biggest idiot ever award for awhile, so I’m going to do it now on a day where normal people suddenly turn ignorant, stupid, rude…you name it.

Welcome to Black Friday, the day where every single major store in the country has their biggest sale of the year. Coincidentally, people everywhere forget they are human beings and decide to turn into idiots.

As I’m leaving work at 5:00 am this morning, a line of over 20 people were standing next to the entrance of Target in blankets, coats, and anything else to stay warm. They had clearly been out there awhile. Did I mention the temperature at the time was hovering around 15 degrees? Yeah, it’s cold in Minnesota, but no one cares, they want to save a couple bucks.

Now thankfully there is no organization when it comes to being in these long lines for hours on end when the store actually opens. Most stores do a first come first serve type thing for items that could be sitting anywhere in the store, mainly places they don’t belong. For instance HDTV’s could be sitting with girls clothes. Manners get thrown out the window too. Forget the fact that you didn’t get to the item first, don’t say excuse me or you go ahead, nevermind that someone else already has their hands on that item.

But it is really the fault of the denizens, or does the fault lie with the retailers? Perhaps a little more organization when it comes to these long lines might be in order. Why do most companies just open their doors and get out of the way? Are they not allowing the mad rush where people frequently get hurt to just happen? How about giving people in line a paper where they can write down ONE thing they want for sure so they can guarantee it? What’s the point of being first in line if you aren’t for sure going to get what you want?

Either way, the entire concept of Black Friday is so stupid, as are the people who participate in it.

I just woke up, some 7 hours after the store opened, and I’m perfectly happy having been NOWHERE near a retail store. I’m also quite warm, not trampled, don’t feel like I was a jerk or received crap from someone and I’m not tired from a long day of forced shopping.


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