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Monthly Archives: December 2007

The Columbus Blue Jackets are on a roll over the last week and are looking to get into a tie for first with a victory over the last place Dallas Stars. The Stars shouldn’t be overlooked however as they’ve been involved in several close games.

So here’s the head to head:

Columbus: 6-3-0, 2nd place and 2 points behind division leader Vancouver. Goal differential +2

Dallas: 1-7-2, 6th place and 10 points back in the same division. Goal differential -22

I again have two teammates I’ve never played with before so I’m hoping I’ll finally get TWO players I’m compatible with. In my other two games I felt that was not the case. We have a rookie this time who has yet to play a game in the team league so we’ll hope for the best.

Lineup for the Jackets:

JKGuy16: Center
Irish Devient: Left Wing
Burnzie79: RD

This game went much better as I felt I had two teammates who knew exactly what they were doing. Since we had a defenseman, I thought our communication was better. If Burnzie went deep with the puck, we’d make sure we knew that a forward would help out in case the Stars broke out toward our zone.

We got a first period goal on a great cycle that resulted in a tip in off my guy Fedorov.

Then the penalties came. I mean a LOT of them. Stupid calls mostly but we were short for 20 minutes of this game. So as you can guess, we didn’t have a lot of chances.

Dallas got an even strength goal early in the 2nd and we had to step up once again. After we got our FIRST powerplay of the game, we capitalized when the CPU winger fed Irish who was controlling Jason Chimera for a nice wrister blocker side. 2-1 Jackets.

But it was the penalties we took that ultimately cost us in the third. A floater past Leclaire forced a tie and it was 2-2. The third period was back and forth with both teams taking few chances. After a late penalty by the Jackets we survived and went to OT.

In Overtime we managed a couple quality chances but that was null when we took a tripping penalty thanks to a stupid turnover by yours truly.

We again survived and went to a shootout where Irish Deviant was our man for all three shooters. He made a completely different move with Nash, Chimera, and Zherdev to score on EVERY shot.

Columbus wins 3-2 in a shootout.

JK’s Game stats:

1 goal

Season stats:

3 Games played, 3 goals, 1 assist. Record: 1-2-0.

The Jackets as a team improve to 7-3-0 in a tie for first place in the division.


Great news for fans of Halo 3 this week as a few new playlists have been added. Most notably the Team Hardcore playlist for longtime fans who want REAL games.

Players start with battle rifles and the best news of all is there is NO radar. I know a lot of people don’t like that, but guess what…it makes it more real and requires more skill in knowing your surroundings and where your opponents are. One difference however is that your teammates are on your radar so all you get are yellow dots.

Now if and when Bungie decides to add Team SWAT, we’ll be set until the next batch of new maps.

So has anyone seen the new game show Duel on ABC? I must say I think it’s a brilliant show. One of the few games shows that is fun to watch AND involves some sort of thinking (Sorry Deal or No Deal).

Mike Greenberg of ESPN’s Mike and Mike in the Morning radio show is the host. Players square off in a duel by answering questions simultaneously. They have 10 chips to place in front of the 4 possible answers. They may use all 4 chips if they wish, but for each chip on a wrong answer, they lose that chip. Play continues until one player misses a question.

They are currently doing a tournament format where the biggest winners this week play on Sunday for the jackpot which will be over $1 million.

The show’s pace is the only thing holding it back. Don’t producers know that kicking it to commercial in the middle of EVERY OTHER QUESTION does not make the show more dramatic or fun to watch? Not only that, but I refuse to watch this show live because of it. I record it and skip the commercials. I hope the advertisers are aware of that.

Otherwise I think this show is THE best game show since Who Wants to Be A Millionaire?!

I hope ABC picks this up as a regular show because TV is starting to suck and it is only going to get worse once the few episodes of shows that haven’t aired yet come to an end in January thanks to the writer’s strike.

Well this will be my 2nd game with the Blue Jackets in the NHL Team League.

As a team, our Jackets have been on a run since opening with back to back shutouts against us.

We’ve won 4 consecutive games going in to this with a record of 4-2-0 and currently 2nd in the division.


CBJ Lineup:

N1S Trayman: Left Wing
JKGuy16 (me): Center
Sylentman: Right Wing

We got on the board early thanks to a huge rebound goal in the first period. Unfortunately due to some VERY questionable passing decisions, the Jackets gave up a couple late in the first. The second Devils goal was scored with 10 seconds remaining.

The second period got off to an even worse start as there were an incredible number of offsides. I won’t post too many specifics but this game became unplayable at certain points because of this.
We got a great goal from Trayman late in the 2nd with Rick Nash to make it 4-2 after 2.

Sylentman dropped from the game in the 3rd and the game was over early in the 3rd.

I got a breakaway with Sergei Fedorov with about 5 minutes left and scored but it was too late.

New Jersey’s puck control was simply too much to handle and since we couldn’t establish our offensive zone, we were playing in our own end the majority of the time.

Game Stats:

JKGuy16: 2 goals, assist
N1S Trayman: goal, assist
Sylentman: assist

Season stats for JKGuy16:

2 games played: 2 goals and 1 assist. 0 wins 2 losses.

Well most of the credit goes to my brother Joe, but we now have 8 events that are either VERY near completion, or are ready to play as is. For those keeping track, a full show requires only 7 events.

The following events are ready to go and will hopefully be used in some sort of AG tournament that we will host:

– Assault
– Atlasphere (using warthogs)
– Breakthrough and Conquer
– Gauntlet
– Joust
– Powerball
– The Maze (Joe did an amazing job with this)
– The Eliminator (Joe did an even more amazing job on this)

Events that will or may be added in the very near future:

– Human Cannonball (confirmed)
– Pyramid (confirmed)
– Swingshot
– Hit and Run

We will also attempt to come up with one or two originals as well.

Here is what I want from anyone who is interested. We want players to both help out with testing games as well as participate in tournaments/leagues.

You need an Xbox 360, Halo 3, Xbox Live Gold, and the Heroic Map pack which costs $10.

Our goal is to have a number of participants with a format similar to American Gladiators.

These maps will NOT be released to the public until we are ready to begin hosting events, however you’ll be able to play them if you want to get involved.

If interested, let me know. We are very excited about this.

It’s a work in progress, but my brother and I have been playing around with Foundry since it became available. It works magnificently with Forge in Halo 3.

Here’s the story. While visiting Fort Wayne this week, my brother was showing me the new maps of Halo 3 that I’m missing while on vacation. After seeing some fantastic looking designs to Foundry, we came up with the idea of building Assault from American Gladiators. After about 3 hours we came up with something that looks very noticeably like the event. Obviously the color scheme is off and there are obvious things that are different, but it truly looks remarkable.

We are having some issues with how to actually play out the game however. Never every weapon in this game is WAY too accurate to be used. On the show, players routinely miss the target by 20 or more feet. A running shot with the rocket launcher in this game can hit a tiny target with ease 99 per cent of the time.

I’ve been thinking of several ways to change up the rules as minimally as possible, but I don’t know what to do. I’m hoping to get this thing available to the community within a couple weeks.

However my hope is to not stop with assault, but to make an entire series of events. Below is a list of possibilities, but note that nearly every single game will have to have it’s rules modified for obvious reasons. Also note that events that simply COULD NOT be used in Halo are not included:

– Breakthrough and Conquer. Not really sure how this can be incorporated into halo, but it’s one of my favorite events.

– Human Cannonball. I can see a use of the hammer come into play here, but instead of swinging on a rope, we may have the contender jump from above to knock the gladiator off a platform. Seems like an easy setup too.

– Joust. Probably the easiest setup because you just need two platforms. The trouble will be using what I assume is the hammer for a weapon and try to figure out how well it works for this event. I don’t even know if it’s possible or not.

– Powerball. Best event on AG, but unless we use grenades for this, I really don’t see how this is possible. I also don’t know how we could use scoring pods. Long shot, but I want to do this.

– Maze. This would require the most work, not only because of it’s massive size, but because this event would have to change frequently so as not to be memorized…probably another longshot.

– Gauntlet. A definite possibly but would require several players because 5 gladiators are needed. I know exactly how this would work and it would involve taking the gladiators shields down. It would play quite differently, but so does everything else.

– Pyramid. I can see this working too. The only issue would be the strengths of each player and how efficient the hammer would be.

– Eliminator. Another elaborate setup, but since this event involved constant change, we can do this just about however we want to. In fact, i’ve already seen someone post their own version of the eliminator on

So if anyone wants to help or give ideas or provide thoughts and feedback, feel free to do so. This is a big and lengthy project, but I hope in the future to have American Gladiators events, enough to do a “full show” with point systems and everything.

See you in Gladiator Arena!


Added Atlasphere. In fact, it’s done! Using warthogs in the place of the atlaspheres and the object is to pass through a short tunnel to score points instead of scoring pods.

Well I got to play in the opening game and it was quite a fun experience.

San Jose Sharks @ Columbus Blue Jackets

Epikon: Center
MusicalMercury: Right Wing
JKGuy16 (me): Left Wing

1st Period:

I must say that the Blue Jackets are true to life. An expansion team that needed work. Pascal Leclaire didn’t help anything playing like absolute garbage.

He was pulled for Norrena after it became 4-0.


2nd Period:

We took a lot of penalties and were shorthanded quite a bit. This obviously cut down on our own scoring chances but the Jackets played a much better period I thought. Unfortunately, we still didn’t get much of anything going.

4-0 Sharks after 2.

3rd Period:

More of the same, another goal, and more penalties.

The game came to a halt (thank goodness) with about 6 minutes remaining when the connection to the game was somehow terminated and everyone involved was booted.

5-0 Final in favor of San Jose.

Honestly I didn’t think we were bad defensively, and Leclaire DID let in 3 softies. We clearly played better than the 5-0 score indicated. However, there were really only about 2 or 3 good offensive chances for us.

Better puck movement and smarter (more) passing in the future might mean more success for the Jackets. I thought Epikon did very well at faceoffs playing Center, but we paid for it on the PK when he was forced to be in the box for every single penalty. That’s a game issue that needs to be fixed.

Well I go on vacation back home to Indiana after this game so I get a week off from the team league before participating in future games.

Hopefully this game is not a sign of things to come for the Blue Jackets.

So last month I discovered one of the coolest things I’ve ever seen in online gaming. Now I’ve run several Xbox Live leagues in the past, namely the 30 team NHL 2k3 league, a Halo league that produced the first ever National Champion in Halo, Halo 2 had a league as well as a couple others. I’ve also been involved in a few that have been very well run including the FHL currently.

But NOTHING, and I mean NOTHING has been more well run and more organized than LeagueGaming’s NHL Team League that I joined recently. According to the website there are over 200 members in this league. The basic premise is simple, play NHL 08 on Xbox Live using the team play option and play 3 vs. 3 with a locked player.

The detail of the league is much more complicated however. There are currently 12 teams, each complete with it’s own minor league team. Every organization currently has 16-18 players on it. There is an actual schedule with an actual game time each night. Each organization is run by a GM who assigns players to a specific game. So even though you only play with 2 teammates each game, it’s a true team effort because everyone must pull their weight for the franchise to be successful.

Season 1 was a huge success and season 2, which gets underway on Sunday, brought some expansion teams (complete with a giant expansion draft like you would see in the NHL).

My experience is very little as I was picked up VERY late in season 1 by the Detroit Red Wings. Because I entered the league so late, I was unable to get my feet wet, and found myself drafted by the expansion Columbus Blue Jackets. I found myself unusually excited for a video game. As you know, I grew up a Wings fan but became attached to the Jackets when they came into the league, and they’ve become my favorite team.

Being an expansion team can be tough because it’s usually the lower tier of players you get stuck with. I know a couple guys on the team and how they play so I have pretty high hopes for the Jackets in this league.

It appears my first game of the season is indeed the season opener against the San Jose Sharks. Game is Sunday December 9th at 830 eastern time. (7:30 my time)

I’ll post in the future about how this league is going and how it continues to grow.

Major props to everyone involved in keeping this the most organized league I’ve ever been a part of.

If you have an Xbox 360, Xbox Live, and NHL 08 and want to join the league, go to LeagueGaming’s website

This edition is short and sweet.

Anyone who uses the word or term “irregardless”, is an idiot.

People say a lot of stupid things, but why you would use THIS word, is beyond me.

I’ll save you the vocabulary lesson but the prefix “ir” and the suffix “less” are both negatives.

Of course those you use it probably don’t know what it means and probably are even unaware of the words prefix and suffix.

If you use this word please press play on the youtube link below. Thank you.