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Well I got to play in the opening game and it was quite a fun experience.

San Jose Sharks @ Columbus Blue Jackets

Epikon: Center
MusicalMercury: Right Wing
JKGuy16 (me): Left Wing

1st Period:

I must say that the Blue Jackets are true to life. An expansion team that needed work. Pascal Leclaire didn’t help anything playing like absolute garbage.

He was pulled for Norrena after it became 4-0.


2nd Period:

We took a lot of penalties and were shorthanded quite a bit. This obviously cut down on our own scoring chances but the Jackets played a much better period I thought. Unfortunately, we still didn’t get much of anything going.

4-0 Sharks after 2.

3rd Period:

More of the same, another goal, and more penalties.

The game came to a halt (thank goodness) with about 6 minutes remaining when the connection to the game was somehow terminated and everyone involved was booted.

5-0 Final in favor of San Jose.

Honestly I didn’t think we were bad defensively, and Leclaire DID let in 3 softies. We clearly played better than the 5-0 score indicated. However, there were really only about 2 or 3 good offensive chances for us.

Better puck movement and smarter (more) passing in the future might mean more success for the Jackets. I thought Epikon did very well at faceoffs playing Center, but we paid for it on the PK when he was forced to be in the box for every single penalty. That’s a game issue that needs to be fixed.

Well I go on vacation back home to Indiana after this game so I get a week off from the team league before participating in future games.

Hopefully this game is not a sign of things to come for the Blue Jackets.


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