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It’s a work in progress, but my brother and I have been playing around with Foundry since it became available. It works magnificently with Forge in Halo 3.

Here’s the story. While visiting Fort Wayne this week, my brother was showing me the new maps of Halo 3 that I’m missing while on vacation. After seeing some fantastic looking designs to Foundry, we came up with the idea of building Assault from American Gladiators. After about 3 hours we came up with something that looks very noticeably like the event. Obviously the color scheme is off and there are obvious things that are different, but it truly looks remarkable.

We are having some issues with how to actually play out the game however. Never every weapon in this game is WAY too accurate to be used. On the show, players routinely miss the target by 20 or more feet. A running shot with the rocket launcher in this game can hit a tiny target with ease 99 per cent of the time.

I’ve been thinking of several ways to change up the rules as minimally as possible, but I don’t know what to do. I’m hoping to get this thing available to the community within a couple weeks.

However my hope is to not stop with assault, but to make an entire series of events. Below is a list of possibilities, but note that nearly every single game will have to have it’s rules modified for obvious reasons. Also note that events that simply COULD NOT be used in Halo are not included:

– Breakthrough and Conquer. Not really sure how this can be incorporated into halo, but it’s one of my favorite events.

– Human Cannonball. I can see a use of the hammer come into play here, but instead of swinging on a rope, we may have the contender jump from above to knock the gladiator off a platform. Seems like an easy setup too.

– Joust. Probably the easiest setup because you just need two platforms. The trouble will be using what I assume is the hammer for a weapon and try to figure out how well it works for this event. I don’t even know if it’s possible or not.

– Powerball. Best event on AG, but unless we use grenades for this, I really don’t see how this is possible. I also don’t know how we could use scoring pods. Long shot, but I want to do this.

– Maze. This would require the most work, not only because of it’s massive size, but because this event would have to change frequently so as not to be memorized…probably another longshot.

– Gauntlet. A definite possibly but would require several players because 5 gladiators are needed. I know exactly how this would work and it would involve taking the gladiators shields down. It would play quite differently, but so does everything else.

– Pyramid. I can see this working too. The only issue would be the strengths of each player and how efficient the hammer would be.

– Eliminator. Another elaborate setup, but since this event involved constant change, we can do this just about however we want to. In fact, i’ve already seen someone post their own version of the eliminator on

So if anyone wants to help or give ideas or provide thoughts and feedback, feel free to do so. This is a big and lengthy project, but I hope in the future to have American Gladiators events, enough to do a “full show” with point systems and everything.

See you in Gladiator Arena!


Added Atlasphere. In fact, it’s done! Using warthogs in the place of the atlaspheres and the object is to pass through a short tunnel to score points instead of scoring pods.



  1. in fact everything here is done except for Pyramid and Human Cannonball.

  2. I’ve played every one of them. It’d be nice to see someone who did their best to make the rules about the same…I played regular slayer on the maps.

  3. We will have various gametypes being used for each event.

    For instance, Pyramid will use a territories variant, while Assault will use Juggernaut.

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