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Well most of the credit goes to my brother Joe, but we now have 8 events that are either VERY near completion, or are ready to play as is. For those keeping track, a full show requires only 7 events.

The following events are ready to go and will hopefully be used in some sort of AG tournament that we will host:

– Assault
– Atlasphere (using warthogs)
– Breakthrough and Conquer
– Gauntlet
– Joust
– Powerball
– The Maze (Joe did an amazing job with this)
– The Eliminator (Joe did an even more amazing job on this)

Events that will or may be added in the very near future:

– Human Cannonball (confirmed)
– Pyramid (confirmed)
– Swingshot
– Hit and Run

We will also attempt to come up with one or two originals as well.

Here is what I want from anyone who is interested. We want players to both help out with testing games as well as participate in tournaments/leagues.

You need an Xbox 360, Halo 3, Xbox Live Gold, and the Heroic Map pack which costs $10.

Our goal is to have a number of participants with a format similar to American Gladiators.

These maps will NOT be released to the public until we are ready to begin hosting events, however you’ll be able to play them if you want to get involved.

If interested, let me know. We are very excited about this.



  1. Hey, i have always been very into American gladiators and think this is a great idea.
    If you wouldnt mind, could you add me as a friends (GT- D Fettes) so i can test it out? Thanks and this would be greatly appreciated.

  2. Awesome John. I added you to my friends list.

    I’ve got a few other people from various forums that are interested as well.

    If you know of anyone who wants to play American Gladiators that would be fantastic.

  3. Hey go online, i made a powerball map and want to see if it works.

  4. If you want to upload it I will check it out when I get the chance.

  5. damn dude i just thought about making the eliminator on foundry today an was looking for pictures of it an came across this blog. guess someone else had this idea allready, that’s my gamertag if you want to trade maps sometime

  6. Mike,

    I will not be releasing these maps to the public prior to our tournament.

    However, you are more than welcome to help out with our final testing of the events.

    PLUS starting next week you’ll be able to officially signup to play in our tournament as both contender AND Gladiator.

  7. i am down just let me know when

  8. Sounds rllly cool

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