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Well this will be my 2nd game with the Blue Jackets in the NHL Team League.

As a team, our Jackets have been on a run since opening with back to back shutouts against us.

We’ve won 4 consecutive games going in to this with a record of 4-2-0 and currently 2nd in the division.


CBJ Lineup:

N1S Trayman: Left Wing
JKGuy16 (me): Center
Sylentman: Right Wing

We got on the board early thanks to a huge rebound goal in the first period. Unfortunately due to some VERY questionable passing decisions, the Jackets gave up a couple late in the first. The second Devils goal was scored with 10 seconds remaining.

The second period got off to an even worse start as there were an incredible number of offsides. I won’t post too many specifics but this game became unplayable at certain points because of this.
We got a great goal from Trayman late in the 2nd with Rick Nash to make it 4-2 after 2.

Sylentman dropped from the game in the 3rd and the game was over early in the 3rd.

I got a breakaway with Sergei Fedorov with about 5 minutes left and scored but it was too late.

New Jersey’s puck control was simply too much to handle and since we couldn’t establish our offensive zone, we were playing in our own end the majority of the time.

Game Stats:

JKGuy16: 2 goals, assist
N1S Trayman: goal, assist
Sylentman: assist

Season stats for JKGuy16:

2 games played: 2 goals and 1 assist. 0 wins 2 losses.


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