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So has anyone seen the new game show Duel on ABC? I must say I think it’s a brilliant show. One of the few games shows that is fun to watch AND involves some sort of thinking (Sorry Deal or No Deal).

Mike Greenberg of ESPN’s Mike and Mike in the Morning radio show is the host. Players square off in a duel by answering questions simultaneously. They have 10 chips to place in front of the 4 possible answers. They may use all 4 chips if they wish, but for each chip on a wrong answer, they lose that chip. Play continues until one player misses a question.

They are currently doing a tournament format where the biggest winners this week play on Sunday for the jackpot which will be over $1 million.

The show’s pace is the only thing holding it back. Don’t producers know that kicking it to commercial in the middle of EVERY OTHER QUESTION does not make the show more dramatic or fun to watch? Not only that, but I refuse to watch this show live because of it. I record it and skip the commercials. I hope the advertisers are aware of that.

Otherwise I think this show is THE best game show since Who Wants to Be A Millionaire?!

I hope ABC picks this up as a regular show because TV is starting to suck and it is only going to get worse once the few episodes of shows that haven’t aired yet come to an end in January thanks to the writer’s strike.


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