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Monthly Archives: January 2008

It appears that we may in fact be able to do AG on Halo 3 with renewed interest. whom is finalizing a program that can take video clips from your file share on Halo 3 and put them directly on their site is giving me the opportunity to showcase some gameplay clips of AG. My brother and I were making a couple Assault videos when suddenly several people got online at once and we got some good games going.

With the combination of interest and video gameplay, I’m certain we can finally get a tournament or league started using Halo 3.

For those that are interested, if you want to check my file share, I’m currently putting video clips on it. I’ve already put a good game of Assault on there and am in the process of putting several more on there. My Gamertag is JKGuy16.

Check out over the next few days for our videos, and I’ll even try and link them directly to this blog.

If you want to play, just leave your gamertag with me or send me a friend request on XBL.

Everything is ready to go, we just need you to signup.


All Star weekend is upon us and as always, I’m very much looking forward to the skills competition.

They’ve made changes in the past to the events, but this year there is a drastic difference.

Here’s a link to’s page with the itinerary.

I’ll break it down real quick.

– Gone is the puck control relay, we now have the obstacle course relay where three skaters and a goalie perform different tasks for their team. The first player controls a puck around cones in the faceoff circle, the second tries to send saucer passes over a bar and into a net, the third takes one time shots and the goalie will try to score from his own end of the ice. Points are awarded for completing these tasks.

Now this could be really fun to watch, or really boring. Personally I’ve always thought the puck control relay was the worst event to watch so I’m glad they changed it.

-Fastest skater is up next and this really hasn’t changed at all. 3 heats of head to head with the fastest time on each team going head to head in the finals.

– Next is the “elimination shootout.” Since the shootout has been so big for the NHL the last few years, we now are going to have a type of shootout where if you keep scoring, you keep playing. X number of players will try and score once on a goalie, if they score, they advance to the elimination round. In the elimination round, if you fail to score, you are out. They’ll keep playing until only one man is left.

Since the goalies have a distinct advantage in this game, it could go by too quickly.

-Youngstars game. This used to be a 4 v 4 exhibition that lasted for quite awhile, now it’s a 12 minute 3 v 3 pond hockey style with no faceoffs except for the start. Lots of breakaways my friend.

– The accuracy shooting, typically the fan favorite has changed very little but there will be a tournament style where the top players will go head to head for the best score.

– Hardest shot is the same thing, and hasn’t changed.

– The breakaway relay is gone and has been replaced with the “Breakaway Challenge”. This is where the drastic change has occurred. Remember the NBA Dunk Contest (I know they still have it but it has sucked for the past decade)? Well this event is similar as the skater must perform with style while trying to score a goal. Perhaps a behind the back double flip with the puck while blindfolded? Players will be judged by a panel (probably celebrity) on a scale of 1 to 9. If they score a goal, they get an additional point.

There you have it.

The All star game is Sunday evening and both events take place on Versus.

I think I’ve made a post about these settings before, but they’ve been recently updated and improved for NHL 08.

Click here for the sliders and special thanks to catcatch22 for creating and improving them.

Here are a couple stipulations:

– These are SUPERSTAR settings. You must play the game on Superstar for them to work.
– 10 minute periods
– Play sound defense. You can’t just skate around and hope for the best, you need to play positional defense. If you don’t know what that means, watch a hockey game.
– Play realistically. Don’t run and gun the whole game, set up plays offensively, adjust your strategies as necessary.
– Create a bunch of plays. You need to have your players moving differently on offense or the CPU will adjust quickly and you’ll be in trouble.

I’ve had games that were close, games that were blowouts in my favor as well as the CPU’s. I’ve seen a variety of goals and games where there are a lot of penalties as well as minimal ones. In other words, these sliders are awesome.

Good luck everyone and give credit for these where credit is due.

I’ve been scouring the web and have looked on a few message boards, primarily, and noticed how many people use the term “I could care less”. Hmmm….so how much less could you care???

It’s a ridiculous statement that makes zero sense. The proper term of course is “I Could NOT care less”.

Think about it. If you could care less, then clearly you DO care, but the point you are trying to make is that you don’t care at all. Unfortunately, you aren’t smart enough to comprehend what the term even means and you sound as stupid as hell when you say it.

Perhaps this is yet another bit of societal laziness where we simply excuse the negative “not” from the sentence? I’m sure it isn’t, but prove me wrong.

Some have said that this is simply a sarcastic form of speech…no it isn’t.

This page from will explain it a little more.

So for everyone who uses this horrible term, please click the video below:

I’ve stopped posting my regular games for the NHL Team League because nobody was reading them (I can see exactly how many people read what specifically). Last night’s game however was something I had to post.

A combination of a weak Dallas team and my Jackets teammates allowed me to record a “natural texas hat-trick” last night. (4 consecutive goals)

Normally I’ve always considered myself a play maker, but through 9 games, I have 13 goals and just 3 assists.

Here is the box score

The title doesn’t give Rick Nash enough credit for this goal, but in case you missed it, here it is.

Simply, wow.

Oh and the Jackets as a team are on fire right now as well!

By fix it I of course mean get some decent games for once.

Boogie Bunnies??? Really? IGN’s rating: 4.1/10

Wow. If it sounds stupid, it probably is.

I’ve said this numerous times, but can we PLEASE get some good games on the arcade? Am I the only one that thinks multiplayer Wheel of Fortune or Jeopardy! would be a great idea? These are easy plus they can update the questions and puzzles every few weeks to minimize repeats.

I just wish they would utilize XBLA for more than all these puzzle games. Having old arcade games once in awhile is cool, I suppose. Tron recently came out and after playing the demo it turned out that sometimes these really really old games need to stay in the century they belong.

And if we are gonna get arcade games, how about they give some GREAT multiplayer games where 4 can play like NBA Jam (or NBA Hang Time)? Not just something where we can continue at will with no consequence like TMNT. NFL Blitz would be awesome with 4 people.

There are so many possibilities to great games but it’s not being taken advantage of.

Well it took 21 months to finally get all the achievement points for Geometry Wars, but I did it. I hadn’t played it for a few days and I sat down on the first try and got 1.3 million without dying (Surviving 1 mil was the final achievement).

This helped because my multiplier was at 10 for awhile plus the quick increase in scoring let me to have a lot of bombs down the stretch.

I can see easily doing better than my 3 million though.

Alright, I’ve got a few different places where people can signup, but this is one of them.

If you are interested in participating in the Halo 3 American Gladiators Tournaments, please signup here.

Leave your gamertag and your most available times to play. Remember, there are going to have to be about 4-6 people on at any given time, but if we get plenty of people involved, that shouldn’t be a problem.

I know not everyone will sign up HERE, but I need to know for sure from everyone who is interested.

If you have any questions, please let me know.

Once we get enough people, we will begin.

Spread the word.


Anyone at all who has expressed interest in participating in our Halo 3 American Gladiators tournament or just want to help out testing maps, the time has come. If you want to check out the maps and help me make some tweaks, changes, overhauls or anything else to make the games better, now is the time to let me know.

Just add my gamertag (JKGuy16) to your friends list and send me a message that you want to help out. Anytime over the next week you see me on Xbox Live (except for Thursday night from 10-11pm Eastern), just send me a message to see if I’m available and i’ll let you check it out.

There are some events where I will require as many as 6 people at once, so if you know anyone else who may be interested, get them in too.

Also starting on Monday I will have an official signup post to play in the tournament.

So please hit me up on XBL and lets get our 12 events tested out!


The guy I love to call “Beast” took home the NFL’s Defensive Player of the Year yesterday. This guy is one of my favorite players and plays absolutely like a beast. He’s so quick and can be practically everywhere at once.

Oh and by the way, guys who are the shortest player in the NFL, should not be one of the best players in the NFL.

Congrats Bob!

Just so everyone is clear, I will begin an official signup sheet for Halo 3’s American Gladiators tournament in a few days. We are using maps created by myself and my brother.

There is a link at the top of my blog page with all the information that is being added on a regular basis. It should be completed soon.

I need some help with testing a few events out but for the most part they are ready to go.

Again, this is NOT an official signup sheet for AG, but if you want to help out feel free to let me know. Also if you have any questions, please post them here.

I’ve also added Hit and Run as an event bringing our total up to 12. I must say I’m pretty happy with how things are going. Check back frequently for updates and thanks for your patience. Trust me, it will be well worth the wait.

For the last few months since I heard about the revival of one of my favorite childhood shows, I was saying how excited I was about last night. The premiere night of American Gladiators came and went and along with it went my excitement.

This was about as disappointing a show as I’ve ever seen.

Where to start…where to start?

Let’s start with presentation: The hosts of the show are Hulk Hogan and Leila Ali. I never had a problem with that, but they don’t really do much of anything. All they do is conduct interviews with the players before and after events. Some voice over is doing the VERY mediocre play-by-play. Remember Mike Adamle hosting and treating it like a real sports competition? Yeah, none of that here.

And what’s with the camera shots? Is it possible to get a shot of Powerball showing the whole rink? Also, is it possible to use the same camera for more than one second? I’m sure SOMEONE in the country had a seizure seeing 7 camera angles in about 5 seconds.

I also don’t think we needed to see the female contender practically breaking her leg over and over. Which reminds me, why didn’t they blow the whistle when she got hurt??? That would have NEVER happened in the original show.

The banter from the gladiators towards the contenders and vice-versa were awesome. I love it. More junk being thrown back and forth is only good for the show. This was something missing from the original AG.

Don’t get me started on the commercials, why are they so damn untimely? Right as they are about to start an event, literally right before the starting whistle they go to commercial. How is that going to keep viewers watching? Again, all that makes me want to do is DVR the show and SKIP commercials. I’m sure that’s something the advertisers want to hear. Here’s a simple solution…play a full event, THEN go to commercial.

As for the events themselves?

I’ll go individually:

Assault: It looks like the field is about a quarter the size of the original. It also seems near impossible to complete. You have to manually load every weapon and even FIND weapons in a sand box. (Double Dare anyone?) These are grown men and women right? Pretty lame.

Joust: Really nothing different here except it’s played over water. I was never a huge joust fan myself, but this event was basically unchanged and that’s a good thing.

Powerball: This event actually LOOKS much better as it is now played inside walls in the form of a hockey rink. It’s very sleek looking and the only rule changes is that it’s now a 60 second event and not 45. Oh and the scoring pods are now 5 times bigger. So instead of really earning points by getting to the pods, you can now just throw them and score from 10 feet away. Not a bad event, but they didn’t improve it at all.

The Wall: Basically unchanged except for the wall is now a few feet higher (but certainly easier). Gladiators are now 7 seconds behind at the start and it’s played over water. Good event because it’s the same.

Hang Tough: Very much smaller than before. They probably eliminated two-thirds of the rings. However, I didn’t think it was so bad. There is very little room for error on either side and it also creates more head-to-head battles but still overall VERY beneficial to the gladiator. Oh and yeah it’s played over water.

Gauntlet: Essentially the same as before with many minor differences. 4 gladiators instead of 5. 30 seconds on the clock. Each gladiator you get passed gets you 2 points. If you beat all 4 gladiators you have to run about 40 feet to reach a goal line worth an additional two points. Fun to watch.

Pyramid: One of my favorite events that has hardly changed at all. Changes are that you have 60 seconds instead of 45, and there is a scoring zone three-quarters of the way up where if you reach that point of the pyramid, you get 5 points. You need to hit the button at the top to get a full 10 however. Still almost impossible for the contender, but fun as hell to watch.

Hit and Run: I’ve never seen this event before, but it was on the UK version. I like the event, but the medicine balls need to be a bit lower to prevent constant crawling by the contender. Better than some events, but not the best.

Earthquake: This is a new event to AG. It essentially replaces the conquer portion of Breakthrough and Conquer. I think there will be some great battles in this event, we just haven’t seen any yet.

The Eliminator: *sigh* I don’t think words can describe how horrible this really is. First off, the rules are the same where the contender in the lead gets a half second head start per point they are ahead and the first one across the finish line wins the show. There are NO gladiators at all. Now in the original show when they took out the gladiators later in the run is when the eliminator started to suck. Does anyone even remember the premise of the show? PUT THE FREAKING GLADIATORS INTO THE ELIMINATOR!!!

But anywho, players go over a wall, then have to swim under fire (you read that right). Yeah that’s safe. Especially that metal bar that’s in front of hit which that female contender slammed into. After a somewhat grueling power swim, you need to go up a 30 foot net while wet. Then you go onto some sort of human spool type thing where you spin around. By the way, there appears to be NO penalty for falling off of this and it appears to be quicker to just run to the next part; which is the dreaded hand bike. By now, most players are starting to reach a point of heavy fatigue and this is not helping. Again, falling off doesn’t seem to take any longer to advance. Now you run up the pyramid and down the famous zip line to the famous treadmill. You know the original AG tried the treadmill at the end for one season and it didn’t go over well because players were EXHAUSTED. That was the case here…oh and their feet were wet. Players can spend MINUTES getting up this thing. After that there are some steps and the finish wall which you just slam into.

The Eliminator is simply too long and too hard (that’s what she said). It’s easily the worst event on the current show.

Not only that, but for both men and women, there will be 6 winners, but only 4 advance to the elimination round. How do they eliminate the other two? Well the 2 worst eliminator times by the winners are automatically kicked off the show. “You win, but you lose, thanks for playing.”


You may be asking yourself “Doesn’t he have anything good to say about the show?” Well no not really. What I do think is good about the show is somewhere above in this post.

I know I’m not the only person who feels this way. Give me your thoughts on the new AG.

Xbox gamers sue Microsoft

Do I really even have to say ANYTHING!?!?

I’m all about ridiculing people who try and make a quick buck (or 5 million of them) over extremely frivolous lawsuit, but as a gamer myself, I feel like I’ve been degraded on the totem pole of society because of these idiots.

Look, the week after Christmas wasn’t the best time for Xbox Live. In fact, I’d say I had a better than average time than most people, but even minor outages could not possibly make someone upset enough to sue a multi-quadrillion dollar industry. Here’s a brilliant idea guys, mix in a book or go outside or buy yourself a hooker.

My guess is that these guys are:

A) Barely out of high school and are completely uneducated on the type of power the lawyers for freaking Microsoft possess.

B) Computer geeks who know VERY well that these kinds of things happen in their little world.

C) Addicted to Xbox Live and need to seek some serious help. They are probably better off suing Microsoft for causing this addiction and fueling it with great games.

So Microsoft, thanks for making great games and having a far superior online service that 99.99% of the gaming community can enjoy. Your reward? These idiots taking you to court.

Here’s hoping the lawyers can come up with a way to counter-sue these idiots and take them for everything they are worth. Or maybe these guys will do the world a favor a take a bath with their favorite toaster.

I know I’ve posted a LOT of game show entries lately, but man have there been some things to write about!

Did anyone catch the Season Premiere of 1 vs. 100 last night? Jason Luna became the first contestant in the show’s history to win the top prize of $1,000,000. It was a very exciting show that featured a new money tree that at first I thought would be horrible. It actually seemed to work okay. I found myself writing down the amounts under the old format and comparing it to the new format.

Either way, he would have won the jackpot so the tree was irrelevant in his game.

This was a show where I thought no one would EVER win a million. I figured someone would win in Deal or No Deal before 1 vs. 100 (and I still don’t think anyone will ever win a million in Deal playing a regular game).

Aside from TPIR, this is probably my current favorite game show. I do miss the old question format however where they go in a different direction.

In case you missed it, see the amazing win for Jason below.