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Well here’s an interesting game show concept that starts on Tuesday, January 8th on GSN…

How Much is Enough?

The show is hosted by another big name celebrity new to hosting game shows, and that man is Corbin Bernsen.

The show is about as simplistic a game as I’ve ever seen but at least it involves some strategy (unlike Deal or No Deal).

There are 4 players in a game.

There are 5 rounds in a game.

The first round has a clock that goes up to $1,000 from $0. Every player secretly hits a buzzer when they want to take the amount of money on the clock and they will bank that money. But there is always a catch… Whoever scored the highest amount of money in a round banks NOTHING.

In each round that follows an extra $1000 is added to the maximum time on the clock so round 2 counts up to $2,000 and round 5 is $5,000

In round five the game changes a bit, not only does the greediest player bank nothing, but whoever gets the smallest amount of money in the round gets nothing as well.

The two top banking leaders after 5 rounds square off for the chance to take home money.

The clock will start at $0 and count up to a maximum of the combined bank of the two players. Whoever buzzes in first wins the amount on the clock.

Simple eh?

Here’s what I say:

Although this game seems incredibly simple, I think if the contestants are very talkative and make an attempt to raise up the jackpot, it could be pretty fun to watch. This seems like a mild spinoff of Friend or Foe, also a GSN original.

I’ll be honest, I haven’t watched GSN for months because the shows on there suck. I will definitely be watching this on Tuesday.

GSN has slated 40 episodes of How Much is Enough?.

What are your thoughts on this show?



  1. I didn’t see it last week. When will it be on?

  2. It has a 9pm Eastern Time Slot on GSN weeknights.

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