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I know I’ve posted a LOT of game show entries lately, but man have there been some things to write about!

Did anyone catch the Season Premiere of 1 vs. 100 last night? Jason Luna became the first contestant in the show’s history to win the top prize of $1,000,000. It was a very exciting show that featured a new money tree that at first I thought would be horrible. It actually seemed to work okay. I found myself writing down the amounts under the old format and comparing it to the new format.

Either way, he would have won the jackpot so the tree was irrelevant in his game.

This was a show where I thought no one would EVER win a million. I figured someone would win in Deal or No Deal before 1 vs. 100 (and I still don’t think anyone will ever win a million in Deal playing a regular game).

Aside from TPIR, this is probably my current favorite game show. I do miss the old question format however where they go in a different direction.

In case you missed it, see the amazing win for Jason below.


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