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Xbox gamers sue Microsoft

Do I really even have to say ANYTHING!?!?

I’m all about ridiculing people who try and make a quick buck (or 5 million of them) over extremely frivolous lawsuit, but as a gamer myself, I feel like I’ve been degraded on the totem pole of society because of these idiots.

Look, the week after Christmas wasn’t the best time for Xbox Live. In fact, I’d say I had a better than average time than most people, but even minor outages could not possibly make someone upset enough to sue a multi-quadrillion dollar industry. Here’s a brilliant idea guys, mix in a book or go outside or buy yourself a hooker.

My guess is that these guys are:

A) Barely out of high school and are completely uneducated on the type of power the lawyers for freaking Microsoft possess.

B) Computer geeks who know VERY well that these kinds of things happen in their little world.

C) Addicted to Xbox Live and need to seek some serious help. They are probably better off suing Microsoft for causing this addiction and fueling it with great games.

So Microsoft, thanks for making great games and having a far superior online service that 99.99% of the gaming community can enjoy. Your reward? These idiots taking you to court.

Here’s hoping the lawyers can come up with a way to counter-sue these idiots and take them for everything they are worth. Or maybe these guys will do the world a favor a take a bath with their favorite toaster.


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