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By fix it I of course mean get some decent games for once.

Boogie Bunnies??? Really? IGN’s rating: 4.1/10

Wow. If it sounds stupid, it probably is.

I’ve said this numerous times, but can we PLEASE get some good games on the arcade? Am I the only one that thinks multiplayer Wheel of Fortune or Jeopardy! would be a great idea? These are easy plus they can update the questions and puzzles every few weeks to minimize repeats.

I just wish they would utilize XBLA for more than all these puzzle games. Having old arcade games once in awhile is cool, I suppose. Tron recently came out and after playing the demo it turned out that sometimes these really really old games need to stay in the century they belong.

And if we are gonna get arcade games, how about they give some GREAT multiplayer games where 4 can play like NBA Jam (or NBA Hang Time)? Not just something where we can continue at will with no consequence like TMNT. NFL Blitz would be awesome with 4 people.

There are so many possibilities to great games but it’s not being taken advantage of.


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