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I’ve been scouring the web and have looked on a few message boards, primarily, and noticed how many people use the term “I could care less”. Hmmm….so how much less could you care???

It’s a ridiculous statement that makes zero sense. The proper term of course is “I Could NOT care less”.

Think about it. If you could care less, then clearly you DO care, but the point you are trying to make is that you don’t care at all. Unfortunately, you aren’t smart enough to comprehend what the term even means and you sound as stupid as hell when you say it.

Perhaps this is yet another bit of societal laziness where we simply excuse the negative “not” from the sentence? I’m sure it isn’t, but prove me wrong.

Some have said that this is simply a sarcastic form of speech…no it isn’t.

This page from will explain it a little more.

So for everyone who uses this horrible term, please click the video below:

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