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I think I’ve made a post about these settings before, but they’ve been recently updated and improved for NHL 08.

Click here for the sliders and special thanks to catcatch22 for creating and improving them.

Here are a couple stipulations:

– These are SUPERSTAR settings. You must play the game on Superstar for them to work.
– 10 minute periods
– Play sound defense. You can’t just skate around and hope for the best, you need to play positional defense. If you don’t know what that means, watch a hockey game.
– Play realistically. Don’t run and gun the whole game, set up plays offensively, adjust your strategies as necessary.
– Create a bunch of plays. You need to have your players moving differently on offense or the CPU will adjust quickly and you’ll be in trouble.

I’ve had games that were close, games that were blowouts in my favor as well as the CPU’s. I’ve seen a variety of goals and games where there are a lot of penalties as well as minimal ones. In other words, these sliders are awesome.

Good luck everyone and give credit for these where credit is due.


  1. Don’t have a login, can you post them here?

  2. Didn’t think about that…For those who don’t have a login to….Here are the sliders:

    Game Speed – 0
    Puck Control – 2
    Fight Difficulty – 6
    Fatigue Effect – 6
    AI learning – 6

    Fatigue Recovery – 0
    Player Acceleration – 0

    Hitting Power – 2
    Aggression – 2
    Poke Effect -6

    Pass Speed – 0
    Saucer Pass – 4
    Pass Intercept – 1
    Goalie Passing – 0

    Shot Accuracy – 2
    Shot Power – 2

    Shot Block – 1
    Hook Effect – 3
    Penalty Shot – 0
    Goalie Cover Frequency – 5

    Penalties Max
    Fighting Max

  3. Nice.

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