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It appears that we may in fact be able to do AG on Halo 3 with renewed interest. whom is finalizing a program that can take video clips from your file share on Halo 3 and put them directly on their site is giving me the opportunity to showcase some gameplay clips of AG. My brother and I were making a couple Assault videos when suddenly several people got online at once and we got some good games going.

With the combination of interest and video gameplay, I’m certain we can finally get a tournament or league started using Halo 3.

For those that are interested, if you want to check my file share, I’m currently putting video clips on it. I’ve already put a good game of Assault on there and am in the process of putting several more on there. My Gamertag is JKGuy16.

Check out over the next few days for our videos, and I’ll even try and link them directly to this blog.

If you want to play, just leave your gamertag with me or send me a friend request on XBL.

Everything is ready to go, we just need you to signup.


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