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With the Writer’s Guild Associations Strike coming to an end, we need to prepare to finally start watching new shows that aren’t game show or reality. Now many shows have held back some episodes just in case the strike kept going, but these supplies are coming to an end.

Here is what many shows that I watch will be doing in the future and what they have left:

24: (FOX) My absolute favorite show on television will NOT air in 2008. They have already filmed 8 episodes but Season 7 has been postponed until January of 2009 when Season 8 was slated to start. Going 18 months without 24 sucks.

Back to You: (FOX) Un-aired episodes: 2 Future is in TBD. This is a fantastic comedy with two longtime stars. I can’t see Fox letting this one go.

Bionic Woman: (NBC) No New Episodes expected. Not a terrible show, but not the greatest either. I would have liked to see it back, but I’m not going to complain about it going away.

Friday Night Lights: (NBC) No New Episodes this season. Future TBD. Since moving to Friday it’s Friday night timeslot, I figured this thing would get canned. My guess is that it goes away. I’ll admit I didn’t watch it on a regular basis, but when I did catch it after 1 vs 100, I enjoyed it.

Grey’s Anatomy: (ABC) Expected to shoot 4 to 7 new episodes to air in April/May. No surprise here as one of ABC’s highest rated shows comes back to finish the season. Rest assured this show will be on for years to come.

House: (FOX) Expected to shoot 4 to 6 new episodes to air in April/May. Again, no surprise here. This is the best medical show I’ve ever seen and according to ratings, people tend to agree with me.

Journeyman: (NBC) No new episodes expected, ever. This show went from fascinating, to uninteresting very quickly. It did very little to explain any reasoning behind why this guy traveled back in time. I’m fine with it’s cancellation.

Law & Order, Law & Order: CI, Law & Order SVU: (NBC, USA) Expected to shoot an indeterminate number of episodes to air in spring. Each has a very distinct cast that is fun to watch. While I maintain that SVU is the best of the three, I have no complaints about the other two.

The Office: (NBC) Expected to shoot 5 to 10 new episodes to air in April/May. Probably the funniest show I’ve seen in years. I can only say “That’s what she said” so many times without seeing The Office. I cannot wait for this show to be back on.

Prison Break: (FOX) 2 unaired episodes remaining. Future TBD. The final new episode which airs next week was originally supposed to be the mid-season finale, but was pushed up because of the strike. This is my 2nd favorite show and will certainly be renewed for another year. A spinoff is already in the making as well and this character is expected to be introduced next year.

Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles: (FOX) Four pre-strike episodes remain. Future beyond that TBD. This show got off to stellar ratings and has been very entertaining to watch. We’ll see what happens.

This failed to mention any of the animated shows that were affected.


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