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It appears Nintendo wants to charge gamers for their already crappy online service on a “pay and play” basis. What that means exactly is unknown, but Nintendo will eventually charge you to play certain games online.

This likely means games like Animal Crossing will take on a charge since it will be a MMO.

Great, and I JUST finished entering in a friend code. There’s 10 minutes of my life I’ll never get back.

Nintendo simply lacks games that are worth anything that aren’t in the Mario/Zelda franchise. Everything else sucks. My wii will get even less playtime (right now it’s about 2 hours a month) if this pay and play crap happens.




  1. lol
    i kno wat u mean man, pay and play
    wat a whole load of crap,lol
    i mean they have no games that are even worth playing, 4 a long time. I dont even have any games 4 my wii. Except one, that i plan to own, super smash bros brawl. the best game of 2008,there are other games im lookin forward to, as well
    but yo jk, check out my blog:

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