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So tonight is the second of six “The Price is Right Million Dollar Spectaculars”. I’m wondering how they top last week’s episode.

Nevermind the $1,000,000 win, everything about the MDS was great. I love the black floor and the fact that the show is in HD. The only thing that is a shame is that Mr. Bob Barker wasn’t able to give away $1,000,000. Now having said that, Drew Carey is one lucky man. Not only does he give it away in his FIRST show, he also gave it away in his first episode of Power of 10. How’s that million coming Deal or no deal?

Now I’m probably one of the few who thinks this million dollar thing is way too easy. Why would they give you a $1,000 leeway for getting it in the showcase? Keep it at $250 with those giant showcases and I would have no problem with it.

As far as the $1,000,000 pricing game? Depending on the game, this could also be too easy. In One away, as seen last week, you have a 1 in 32 chance at getting it by simply guessing. Of course you’re certainly going to have the first number right so bump it down to 1 in 16. Based on the number of Double Showcase wins this year on the daytime show (6), and how easily someone could play a “perfect” pricing game, I’d say there’s a good chance TPIR is going to be giving away another $1,000,000 very soon.

Hopefully we see Golden Road for a Viper tonight.

In case you missed it, here’s the Million Dollar Win.


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